Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder Review [2024]

Purchasing the new Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder is like taking your golfing to the whole new level. So have you ever tried using the old day model of using your smartphone app together with some unprofessional rangefinders which must work hand in hand?

Trust me, when I say that can be a real time waster, inaccurate and unnecessary. Thus, with this awesome Bushnell rangefinder be sure of more accurate scorings and allows you to enjoy your golfing every day totally. I can’t do without this rangefinder since it’s becoming my true friend in my golfing activities.




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  • Range: 1000 yards
  • Magnification: 5x
  • Weight: 6.6 oz
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Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder Review In-Depth

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Range Finding Performance

The new Bushnell rangefinder has an awesome performance which can be used even for large yard coverage. The performance range finding is usually between 10 to 1,000 yards which make it very handy. I love the fact that this rangefinder is very accurate with a -1 or +1 yard accuracy, so golfing scores become more of a norm.

Simple Operation

How about having a range finder that is very simple and easy to use? It can ease your work making the rangefinder handy.

Bushnell has a single hand vertical operation that makes it possible to use the range finder with the use of one hand which makes it very easy to handle and use all the times.

I love the fact that this range finder can be operated very easily even the beginner golfers can easily use it without needed hustle.

Magnification Lenses

Have you ever experience the 5x magnification lenses? If not, then I truly advise you to get one of this Bushnell rangefinder. It can make an object feel much closer than it is.

Purchasing this range finder is essential to your golfing needs and trust me it will take your golfing to a whole new level. I like the closeness effect it brings to distant objects, and I think it’s very amazing too.

Suitable For Tournament Play

I don’t see the need of purchasing a rangefinder twice just because one is not suitable for tournament play. Instead, I find it very economical getting one that is legal for tournaments since it saves one both the money and energy of purchasing another range finder piece.

Thus bring the professional feel in your golfing with this amazing range finder and trust me you will totally fall in love with its performance.

Compact Ergonomically Design

Using a compact design range finder is very comfortable to use and makes it have an elegant design. It’s always ergonomically since the range finder is usually small in size hence the range finder can be carried wherever one goes.

I love how this amazing range finder can be fit in any backpack which makes it very portable. So for me, I love how the range finder cheers me up with its design making my golfing day quite amazing.


  • Magnification lenses
  • Suitable for tournament play
  • Compact ergonomically design
  • Simple operation
  • Range finding performance


  • It’s a bit expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bushnell rangefinder package includes a carrying bag?

Yes, the package includes a carrying case and a 3-volt battery for the Bushnell range finder.

Can one pan the landscape using this rangefinder?

Yes, the Bushnell range finder comes with a LCD that allows one to pan across the landscape.

What is the magnification of this range finder?

The Bushnell has a magnification lens of 5x.

Final words

For your golfing needs, then purchasing this range finder is essential especially if you want to improve your golfing goal scoring performances.

Its elegant design makes it also very sleek and attractive at the same time. It makes it possible for one to cover 300 yards which for me is very impressive and handy too.

It also comes with a 24 mm objective with an amazing 5x magnification lenses for precise and accurate goal scoring.

The range finder comes with some of the best-rated features so purchasing it will never be a fail or disappointment to you.  I can recommend it for any golfer always.

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