Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder Review [2024]

Laser rangefinders can be that tool that gives you that extra help on the green.

However, if you’ve used a rangefinder before and it miscalculated the distance, it may be because it’s a cheap and ineffective rangefinder.

You don’t have to spend a lot on a rangefinder but you need to get one from a brand that knows what they’re about.

For quality and price, the Precision Pro NX7 Golf rangefinder is an affordable unit with advanced features to improve your skills on the course.

You are guaranteed to hit the flag every time with the NX7  and not any trees or other objects in the background.

The NX7 Rangefinder Pro is equipped with Target Acquisition Technology that will ensure that you get the distance to the object you want.

Today we take a deeper look at the NX7 in this Precision Pro NX7 golf rangefinder review.




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  • Range:  600 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 10 oz


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Precision Pro NX7 Pro rangefinder in-depth

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  • Range:  600 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 10 oz


The Precision Pro NX7 comes in two versions namely the Precision Pro Golf NX7 and the NX7 Pro.

The NX7 does not come with slope technology and can only range out to 400 yards while the NX7 Pro rangefinder comes with slope technology and ranges out to 600 yards.

In our opinion, it’s best to go with the NX7 Pro since you have slope technology and the option to measure targets out to longer distances for just a few bucks more.

If you’re worried about slope in tournaments, this feature can be turned off on the NX7 Pro rangefinder.

Both these units offer some advanced features but our sole focus will be the NX7 Pro rangefinder.

The NX7 and the NX7 pro are the same rangefinders with differences in the range and the ability to calculate slope.

Features: NX7 Pro rangefinder

Adaptive Slope Technology

The NX7 pro rangefinder reduces the challenges of facing a shot with elevation with Adaptive Slope Technology.

This rangefinder calculates the distance by factoring in any incline or decline in the course.

The rangefinder does all the math and delivers “play as” distance for increased accuracy.

The adjusted accurate results are delivered in a flash and help you make the best club selection for your shot.

WIth slope rangefinders, many wonder if the unit can be used in tournaments.

The fact remains that the slope feature has to be turned off when competing in a tournament.

However, the NX7 Pro slope feature can be turned off during tournament play to meet the criteria set out by the USGA.

nx7 pro rangefinder helps with club selection

Target Acquisition Technology

Stop fussing and worrying about acquiring distances to targets other than your intended.

Some rangefinders can give you measurements to a tree behind your target which leads to wayward shots overshooting the Green.

Equipped with Target Acquisition Technology(TAG), the NX7 Pro gives you accurate distance measurement to the intended target.

No longer will you be getting the distance measurements to the objects behind the intended target.

With TAG, the distance to the closest target will be measured and you’ll get the distance you need.

To use the TAG feature, switch on the rangefinder and look through the lens until you see the crosshair pop up.

Point to your intended target, adjust the eyepiece until the focus is clear,, and hit the green Power button once more.

An added tip when using this feature is to hold the rangefinder with both hands to eliminate any error due to shaky hands.

To further guarantee the success of this, the Precision Pro NX7 Pro also comes with Pulse Vibration technology.

Pulse Vibration Technology

Pulse Vibration Technology lets you know when you’re locked on to a target.

This way you are sure that you are locked on to the target you want and not those in the background.

The rangefinder will deliver a quick pulse so you know that you’re indeed locked on to the target.

This feature can speed up gameplay and further increase confidence when taking your shot.

It is a fairly new technology that we see more and more rangefinders adapting especially big brands like Bushnell which tout JOLT technology that is very similar.

Crystal Clear Optics

The NX7 Rangefinder Pro features some crystal clear optics which makes it so much easier for just about anyone to use.

First we have the enhanced LCD screen that is easy to read in varying light situations with its black display.

Next is the 6x magnification power that brings your target 6 times closer which is awesome especially if the flag is a bit far away.

This gives you a better view of your target and ensures you acquire the distance to the target you want.

It also comes with an adjustable focus ring to enhance your view and ensure everything is in focus to meet different eye needs.

In other words, contact wearers and glasses wearers can adjust their focus to better able view their target.


The NX7 Pro can measure distances to reflective targets all the way out to 600 yards with distance measurements within +- 1 yard

Distance measurements displayed in 1/10th of a yard and you have the ability to measure distance to flags, water, bunkers and other hazards.

From there you can map out your strategy for a hole behind the tee.

So grab your NX7 Pro and shoot with confidence.

High Speed SD laser

The time the laser takes to bounce off the target and the accuracy of the laser are everything in the game of golf.

This rangefinder makes use of SD laser technology which allows it to be both accurate and fast.

The laser goes from the rangefinder to the target and bounces back to the rangefinder in less than a second.

This means that your distance to the target is delivered in a split second.


Though affordable and lightweight, the NX7 Pro rangefinder is well built and features a great design.

The color scheme is quite pleasing to the eye and makes the unit stand out even more.

It features lime green accents which contrast the crisp white body of the unit to give it an edgy and cool look.

It may not be the most compact unit on the market but it sits comfortably in either hand.

As stated before, holding it with two hands can eliminate any shaking if you have extremely shaky hands.

However, if you are used to using your rangefinder in one hand, then you’ll have no problem whatsoever using this rangefinder.


The NX7 Pro has two buttons and operation is fairly simple.

The Power button turns on the rangefinder and is to acquire distance to the target as well.

The other button is the Mode button which can turn the Slope feature on or off and switch between yards and meters.

Water-resistant and shock-proof

Sometimes things don’t always go smoothly on the golf course but no worries.

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro features a water-resistant and fog-resistant design so in the event of light rain, the game can continue.

Another loved feature integrated into the design is the shock-proof design.

In the event of any accidental drops or impact, your rangefinder will remain intact and function as it should.


We all like to know that we are protected should anything go wrong with our rangefinder.

Most times with affordable units we hardly expect any kind of warranty but that where things take a different turn with this unit.

The precision pro NX7 comes with a fully loaded package called the Precision Care Package.

The package includes 2 years warranty, trade-in allowance up to 30%, industry-leading support, free lifetime battery replacement and much more.

The warranty covers operational and manufactures defects.

The trade in allowance means you can upgrade to a newer model and use your current model as credit towards obtaining the new one.

This is something we have not seen from any other company.

Moreover, the free lifetime battery replacement is something else we haven’t seen from other manufacturers.

Make you register your rangefinder after purchase and then you’ll be eligible to request a replacement battery whenever your current one is running low.

In the next few days watchout for your free battery in the mail.

It is as easy as that to get a new battery all at no additional cost.

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precision pro golf nx7 pro

Pros: NX7 Pro

  • Affordable
  • Adaptive Slope Technology
  • Target Acquisition Technology
  • Pulse Vibration Technology.
  • Crystal Clear Optics
  • Tournament Legal
  • Water resistant and shock-proof
  • Exceptional Precision Care Package inclusive of warranty, lifetime battery replacement etc.

Cons: NX7 Pro

  • No visible indicator to let you know the slope feature is turned off.

Alternatives to the NX7 Pro rangefinder

If you find that NX7 Pro rangefinder isn’t the rangefinder for you, here are some alternatives you can take a look at.

On the other hand, if you want to know how it matches up to others on the market, then keep reading.

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  • Range: 540 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 6.5 oz

This golf rangefinder is one of the most popular and affordable rangefinders on the market.

It has the ability to range out to 540 yards with 6x magnification delivering fast measurements with +- 1 yard accuracy.

Equipped with Pinseeker Technology, this unit can accurately measure overlapping subjects.

This feature works in a similar way like the Target Acquisition Technology in the NX7 Pro and is the perfect tool for measuring golf flags, hazards and wooded areas.

The ultra-clear and multi-layered optics makes for an easy read and crystal clear through the lens display.

It is also lightweight and water resistant for use on the go and in light rain.

The VPRO500 may not be as advanced as the NX7 Pro but if you need a simple basic rangefinder, then this is the unit for you.

For more on this rangefinder, read this TECTECTEC VPRO500 golf rangefinder review.

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  • Range: 1000 yards
  • Magnification: 5x
  • Weight: 6.6 oz

From one of the big names in the industry, Bushnell is known for their high-quality products.

The Tour V4 is one of the rangefinders that go head to head with the NX7 Pro.

It comes with Pinseeker technology so it always locks on to the intended target and nothing but.

Like the NX7 Pro, this unit features JOLT technology and delivers short vibrating pulses when it has locked on to a flag to eliminate all doubt.

The range of this unit is impressive with 1000 yards as compared to 600 yards of the NX7 Pro rangefinder.

There are a few things lacking when you compare the V4 and the NX7 Pro.

This rangefinder is only capable of 5x magnification power while the NX7 Pro has up to 6x magnification.

Another shortcoming is that Tour V4 does not come with slope technology.

However, although it lacks a few features and falls into the higher price category, the Bushnell Tour V4 is still a very good rangefinder that is loved by many.

This is thanks to the Bushnell App which gives you 3D flyovers with distances, hole layouts with distances for 36,000+ courses worldwide.

For more on this rangefinder, check out this Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder review.

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  • Range: 350 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 8 oz

The Garmin brand is most popular for their golf watches and handheld devices.

However, with a completely new outlook on things, they bring to us GPS and laser technology combined in a compact little unit.

Together both these technologies deliver accurate measurements up to 10” to the flag.

With this rangefinder, you can measure the distance to targets up to 350 yards with 6x magnification.

It is also equipped with image stabilization to reduce the effects of shaky hands and slope technology to calculate any inclines or declines in the course.

The slope feature can be turned on and off so it can be deemed legal for tournament play.

This hybrid rangefinder provides a 2D overlay of the entire hole for more than 41,000 courses worldwide.

It provides accurate distances to the pin as well as distances to hazards at the same time thus speeding up play.

The rangefinder is fully loaded with some awesome features and brings the advantages of laser and GPS technology.

However, this unit cannot range targets as far as the NX7 Pro and it has to be charged for every round since the battery drains quickly.

Another downside is that the price is also much steeper than the NX7 Pro.

For more golf rangefinders, hop to our best golf rangefinder review.

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Final thoughts: Precision Pro NX7

In this Precision Pro NX7 Pro rangefinder review, we’ve found this unit to be among the top rangefinders on the market.

The fact that the unit is very affordable for all that it offers is the reason that it has been creating quite a buzz.

The NX7 has the compact design and functionality of a Bushnell at a fraction of the cost so what’s not to love?

Even the slope version does not come in at a steep price and costs just a few dollars more.

Whether you go with the NX7 or the NX7 Pro, you still end up with a high quality, high accuracy rangefinder.

Aside from price, accuracy and advanced technology, one cannot look past the Precision care Package that includes 2 years warranty, battery replacement for life, trade in allowance, etc.

No other company has anything similar to this.

At this price point, no one expected too much from the company.

However, Precision Pro has gone above and beyond with this package and we can only hope that other manufacturers will follow suit.




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  • Range:  600 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 10 oz


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