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Best Rangefinder Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Have you ever missed a long awaited moment say in a game, and you wished to press a playback button? When I was an amateur in shooting this happened to me and all my crew we burning with anger. How could you? Silently in my thought "how could I?" I asked myself.

After some disappointments in use we later came to realize that our rangefinder was inadequate, could not quickly focus, had poor optics, and there were so many divergences.

The hunt for a good rangefinder began, and our problem has since then found a lasting solution. I have been in touch with a variety of rangefinder and can easily tell a good device.

Amazed by the technology available to hunters in the age we live in, I decided to share some top notch rangefinder I have found of value so you may not have awful experiences as I did.

Introduction to the Best Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a device that uses a laser beam to measure distances from the observer to a target or moving objects in a process called ranging. Rangefinders have been in regular use since the 18th century with a steady rise in popularity and diversified use.

I do not want to assume you understand how a rangefinder works. Here is a simple process that takes place, first the device help you identify the target through the eyepiece and lets you aim at it, pull the trigger to send the laser beam to the target. Automatically, the distances read out begin streaming in on the laser LCD display.

I have realized even the very ignorant of persons do not overlook the merit of a rangefinder. These units produce high-quality images, have no shutter lag, they never blackout, has superior wide angle lenses for viewing, can focus, compose and shoot with both eye open among many other benefits.

Their application area is in surveying, navigation, photography, mounted on projectile weapons and in golf clubs. Most amateur tournament plays allow the use of rangefinder especially when the scan mode is off but at a professional level, it's banned.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Rangefinder

Manufacturers will give you many reasons why you should buy their products but since am an open-minded person I decided to do my research to find out what I should know about rangefinders.

The lineup I have given below, outline some key consideration you need to make before settling on purchase:


Understanding how the rangefinder works should be of great interest to you. Although, they say experience is the best teacher, do not be clueless in the use of a particular product. You can ask stores personnel to help you try out or guide on the use.

Type Of Lenses

They are a wide variety of lenses you can use, but I would advise you to get the interchangeable lenses they are high quality, durable although they are expensive and hard to find. All other lenses will need constant replacement and do not work as well as the latter.


In reference, to the outdoor use of a rangefinder, a unit which is small in size is ideal for long and mid range shooting and hunting. Unless the user works in a static location larger models should be avoided as they are bulky, heavy and hinder mobility.

Note that the size of a rangefinder, do not in any way imply that a product is loaded with more features or has been deprived off.


I strongly believe this is the major determinant of the decision you make. Your budget should be reasonable. There are models that are very cheap while others are costly.

A quality unit that will give you accurate data with no divergence is expensive but very durable. Beginners may acquire entry level unit then grow to high-end rangefinders.


Counter check the unit to at least help you estimate its life. Since this device is not freely given, it should remain for good use for years. Proper finish, construction materials, and texture are what you need to look at. A warranty if there is an icing on the cake.

    First of all let's see all of the products at a glance in comparison table bellow: 

Best Rangefinder Comparison

Ranefinder NameRangeMagnificationWeightPrimary UsePrice
TecTecTec VPRO500540 yards6x6.5 ozGolfing
Bushnell Michael Waddell
Bone Collector
600 yards4x8.8 ozHunting
Bushnell Tour V41,000 yards5x6.6 ozGolfing
Simmons 801600 Volt 600600 yards4x9.6 ozHunting
Nikon 8397 ACULON550 yards6x5.6 ozHunting
TecTecTec VPRODLX600 yards6x6.5 ozGolfing
Halo XRT6600 yards6x10.4 ozMulti Purpose
Bushnell Tour V31,000 yards5x6.6 ozGolfing
Leupold 120464 RX-650600 yards6x6.30 ozGolfing
Callaway 3001,000 yards6x7.5 ozGolfing

Editor Rating:

The VPRODLX takes hefty advantage from success acceptance of its predecessor the VPRO 500 model in the market.

Although, there are so many similarities this unit has been made much better to make your work easier and flawless. These features set it apart from the rest:

Flag Seeker

The rangefinder allows the user to view target or the flag despite line objects blocking its scene. Uses the PinSensor Technology to measure humongous objects to locate a target and give accurate ranges.


The powerful 6x magnification lens of the monocular, you can bring objects closer and clearer to you. Has an extra long range that can measure a target distance of anything between 5 and 600 yards away.


Has a multilayered coating that gives you quality optics for bright, sharp and clear images. The waterproof construction keeps off water for all-weather use. In appearance, it's a handy, compact device that is highly portable.


The use of this device in hunting takes your tasks to a whole new level, giving you an extra touch and experience. It works better than most rangefinder in the market making things appear closer and clearer.


Editor Rating:

Simmons 801600 Volt 600 is a smart innovation that gives you a good balance between the number of features and options available at an affordable rate.

Commonly popular with hunters and shooters and its characterized by the following in built features:

Liquid Crystal Display

Accuracy in use of this device will tell whether it's relevant or not. Has an in view screen that displays objects in fine details for spot on accuracy and clarity. Also, makes use of an angel compensation that gives the true horizontal distance to the target.

One Button Operation

It makes it easy to use even for beginners. No skills are required to work with this unit comfortably. The single button operation turns on and off the unit from which you adjust to hit the kill. You would not mind an amateur taking reading for you as anybody can comfortably operate the unit.

Black Finish

The black matte camouflages well in any environment and the housing has a firm non-slip texture that prevents going out of hand. In addition, it repels water for any weather use, and the package has a soft carrying case for storage and movement.


Its ultra compact- takes minimal space and light in weight with a magnification of 4x, viewing range of up to 600 yards, 9 volts of power to kick start and run the motor for long periods – battery not included in the package and a margin of error of +/-1


Editor Rating:

Nikon never disappoints when it comes to quality. Nikon 8397 ACULON is really small pocket-sized to be exact but this not to say it lacks effective features or it's cheap.

It functions well comparable to other high-end devices and has the following key features:

Compact Design

It is a small sized gadget making it comfortable to use and carry around as it's smaller than some smartphones. It's, therefore, good for golfing sport as it can be worn in your shirt's front pocket or around the neck.


Has a multilayer coating for high transmission across the light spectrum providing a more natural view which is enhanced by an impressive 6x magnification within a range of 550 yards. Allow through the lens viewing with both eyes open for better visibility.

All Weather Use

It has been protected with water and fog-proof housing, with a cover that offers a good grip even when holding with sweaty hands.

Additional Features

The distant target priority mode is a great feature as it makes it possible for the rangefinder to display the measurements of the furthest target. An LCD display, scan mode, and 2 years warranty are other attractive additions to the package.


Editor Rating:

Despite efforts made to catch up with this unit, it's really difficult to match it since it's very efficient, user-friendly and easy to use.

TecTecTec VPRO500 gives a very accurate yardage and prompt measurement readout. Check its unique features that make it beat the rest in output:

High -Tech Optics

The device features an advanced optical system technology for image clarity and precision. Has a 6x magnification, +/-1 distance accuracy, through the lens display and finger intuitive operation that makes this unit highly reliable in use.

Trio Modes

These are the First target priority to locate the flag stick. The Distance target priority a measure of how far the cluttered background is and the Proscan to tell the distance to other object say the flag. This allows the user to find the exact distance to the target objects, distinguish figures and obtain valid data.


Tough materials are used in its construction and have a soft case to control and absorb mechanical impact. The finish is rain proof and has a glossy surface that keeps of dirt or dust that may obscure the view.

Auto Target Acquisition Technology

Who mind a device working for you just like a human would with no effort involved. This innovation stems all humongous objects that obstruct your target or flag for accurate readings despite the present conditions.

Read our full review of TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder.


Editor Rating:

One thing you can be sure of is parting with a hefty fortune to acquire this unit.

However, Halo XRT6 is awesome in performance gives you more value and attractive features.

You just cannot shun this device, and it's the best investment for rangefinders you can have.

Optics And Focus

It has nitrogen purged multicoated glass optics for better visibility. The glass finish keeps off water, dust, and other foreign particles. The powerful magnification of 6x brings the object closer with a +/-1 margin of error. The focus has not been automated but twisting the eyecup will let you achieve good focus.

Scan And Single Shot Modes

Gives streaming readings of the target on the LCD display ever 20 seconds. Helps achieve accurate results although the scan mode takes some time to start. The shots mode allows you to make perfect shots without missing the target.

Neoprene Case

This is the device carrying case that is softly padded to store the device without scratch or damage. When you drop it at short distance, the hard case protects your device. To more convenience during movements, it has a belt loop attachment to carry around your waist or neck. The device is stored in a compartment that is easy to reach.


Its housing has been armored with shock and drop resistant graphics. It is an all weather use device because it is both water and fog proof. For a solid grip, it has a nonslip rubber trim. It is so durable a feature that is backed by a one year warranty.


Editor Rating:

To tell you the truth, this is one product I can purchase for you freely without expecting anything.

This bone collector rangefinder would only give me the content of your satisfaction.

Realtree Xtra Camo Design

An impressive small and light in weight device that won't slow you down in movement or become a nuisance. They are available in tasteful colors that blend in well with any environment.

Single Button Operation

This is straight forward and goes not required advanced skills to operate the gadget. You only need to tap the button located under your index finger while holding the rangefinder and adjust the eyecup for focusing.

LCD Display Screen

Provides a wide viewing and is good for reporting since its linked to an external memory where you can store data. Has an illuminator to read in low light condition. The battery indicator is also visible through the screen when power is running low.


The device uses a 9 volts battery to power the device. It's rechargeable, last for long hours and is durable. To change counter screw clockwise and lift the door then place your other battery back.

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Editor Rating:

The regulation stamp of approval to legalize the use of this rangefinder in tournament play simply means this unit is among the best to have ever been manufactured.

Below are the most functional and striking features of Bushnell Tour V3:

Jolt Technology

You will be totally pleased by this feature as it seamlessly allows you to pin seek even with obstruction. It's great for flag distances and very easy to reliably sight any object or hazard on course hence very accurate.


Has a 5 x magnification meaning it has the power to bring an object five times closer in a range of 5 to 1000 yards and 400+ yards to a flag. Improves visibility hence accurate data can be gathered.


Gives you great output even with consistent use and does not compromise on its performance. It rain proof so no worry while hunting in harsh conditions. Apparently, it has a two-year factory warranty to cover defects subjects to condition to curb abuse.

Ergonomic Design – Stable Rubber Grip

It features a solid setup with proper flawless finishing and with light weight materials. Has a stable rubber grip that absorbs shock and is nonslip. The unique lime green color is the icing on the cake and makes it have good aesthetics.


Editor Rating:

A unique innovation that is a good combination of size, speed, accuracy and JOLT technology to give you accurate measurements and shots.

Consider going through these features as they are of great significance to the functionality of this device.

Slope Technology

Useful in providing yardage and in compensation of elevation either downhill or uphill. It delivers accuracy within one yard and can be disabled to conform to tournament plays when in such use as it's regulation.

Waterproof Case

The outer cover repels water from soaking in or rain drop causing the blurred eyepiece vision. This means the unit is all weather use all year round.


This compact design is fully loaded with amazing specifications such as viewing range of up to 400 yards, 5 x magnifications, fast focusing speeds, +/-1 margin of error, scan mode among many others.

Pin Seeker

It is perfect in picking out the flag from other line objects behind it such as tree and uneven grounds. It does this so well comparable to other units of its caliber and price.


Editor Rating:

This is an entry level rangefinder that has been specifically made to simplicity for ease of operation but gives you clearer images within a range of 650 yards on reflective targets, 600 yards on trees and 575 yards on deer.

Here is its stand up features:

Scan Mode

It allows you to make prompt and continuous range measurements readouts at different intervals. This is very important as this statistics can be used to make accurate analysis in hunting or shooting. It is possible to switch this mode off to comply with regulation for use in some games.

Contrast Lcd Display

For better visibility and reporting output, this rangefinder helps you clearly see the location of the targets and other line objects in details. It allows you to make perfect shots without missing as you already can see clearly.

Adjustable Eyepiece

It can be turned around to focus the reticle to the shooter's eye. The device also allows for fast and quick focusing to capture the epitome moments of your game.

Easy Operation

It's the easiest unit to control as a single knob that sits on the upper part near the rear is all you need to press to start hunting. For better vision adjust accordingly as much as you eyes will find the image sharp and bright.


Editor Rating:

There is usually much that is required in a laser other than pointing and shooting you commonly expect.

Here are some features that add more value to this Call away rangefinder:

Extended Battery Life

Uses a standard CR2 battery that is durable, last long and is rechargeable. It fits well in its compartment and the flip up handle keeps the battery secure. It has an auto shut off setup when idle for the charge to last long and prevent the motor from burning out.

Range Distance

Can pick up a flag or whatever you intend to pick up at a range of 300 yards from the unit. This is an extra-long distance that most shooter is comfortable with. The margin of error involved is one yard which is not such a big divergence.

Eyepiece Focus

This is adjustable to suit your level of visibility from which all you need to do is point at the target and push the power button on top to make readouts.

Light In Weight

This is a handy device that can comfortably be held at hand and weighs about 215 grams. This makes it easy to carry around. Besides, it has a carrying case for storage and also offer maximum protection should it fall off your hands.

Final Verdict

I have arguably exhausted all relevant information about the best rangefinders in the market. From this discussion, I believe you can narrow down your selection to the rangefinder you feel would work best with.

I would advise you check the model version as each brand has several versions to avoid getting a unit you didn't intend to acquire. The final choice of a product lies with you. Get any of the above top notch device worth paying a bill for.