List of Best Cr2 3v Lithium Batteries 2017

I know you’re looking to buy best Cr2 battery for your device. Here I will help you to buy the best battery. Making buying decision is not very tough when choosing battery. Because only a few battery brands are popular and people tend to use their batteries repeatedly. But when you’re going to buy one for you, then look for a balance of the following:

  • High performance
  • Last Longer
  • Good price

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to compare then you can buy Duracell Ultra Cr2 3v Lithium Battery which includes 6 packs at $11.50 only.

And if you’ve few moments to compare different batteries then I’ve put together a comprehensive list of best cr2 batteries for you. When comparing price, please also consider the number of packs included per package. I have added a column, so you know how many packs you will get at that price. Click on the current price or product name to buy from Amazon.

Best Cr2 Batteries

Battery NameVoltPacksCurrent
1Duracell Ultra Cr2 3v Lithium Battery3v6$11.50
2Cr2 Battery by Energizer3v2$6.72
3Viridian CR2 3v Lithium Battery3v3$7.55
4Tenergy Propel CR2 3V Lithium Battery3v10$15.80
5Keenstone 3V 850mAh Ultra Battery3v12$24.99
6Bingogous Lithium Battery3v12$15.99
7Powermall 3V 800mAh Lithium Battery 3v12$15.99
8Panasonic Cr2 3v Lithium Battery3v6$9.30

Here I’ve gathered another list of these batteries which comes with different packs. So you can buy the right number of batteries you need. But keep in mind that most of the brands give you a lower price when you buy more packs together.


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