Best Golf Rangefinder Review 2018 & Buying Guide

Golf is one of the more popular and sophisticated games of the modern age. It is widely revered throughout the world and as such is one of the most marketable games of all.

Golf players usually want to make their game as easy as possible so as to make scoring and winning easy. You can accomplish this through the use of devices that can be employed to make the matter of measuring distance easy and efficient.

Such devices are the rangefinders that we are about to talk about. Rangefinders find a very popular home on golf courses because of the service they can offer the golfer.

They are very reliable devices to use and every good golfer ought to know that having one of these in his arsenal will greatly improve his score and make the game much easier for him.

Many rangefinders are appropriate for golf but telling them apart is one of the bigger problems. Here I attempt to offer some help.

Rangefinders For Golf

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders enhance the way you play golf. For you to get a perfect device, ensure you consider the following things before making your final purchase.

Ease Of Use

Rangefinders will be heavily used in the golf game, and it is vital that the user is comfortable in using them as much as possible.

Therefore, when the user is determining which device to buy they must look at the way the devices offer ease of use to the user. Devices that are complicated and offer a lot of challenges are to be avoided regardless of whatever other advantages they may have.


Accessories are additional bits that come with the device. These additional bits are important and offer added functionality. It is important for the user to be able to consider the number of accessories and what purpose they serve.

The user should only go for the best kinds of devices and also those that will offer him all the advantages that he desires.


For those rangefinders that use batteries, it is important for the user to consider which kind of battery is being used and how much power it can offer

Such considerations are very important because they enable the user to know how they will be able to use the device and if they can rely on it to offer service even when the conditions are unflattering.

Long battery life is an important aspect to consider as it means that the device can be used for long without problems.


The range of the device refers to how much distance the device can measure comfortably.

The amount of distance that can be measured comfortably should be able to tell the user how far the device can measure up to. Those users who desire that their devices be able to measure long distances should look at this consideration very keenly.


Connectivity is a byproduct of the digitalization of today's world. It is more important than ever that devices be found which can be able to connect to other devices.

This connectivity enables such concepts as wireless communication to be possible and also enable the sharing of information with remote parties and partners. Connectivity must be present in these devices because of the importance it has to users today.

Recommended Best Golf Rangefinders

The following five devices have been looked into and researched. It is a sure matter that there are no better devices than them in the market for golf rangefinding.

1. Tectectec Vpr 0500 Golf Rangefinder

Tectectec Vpr 0500 Golf Rangefinder

This device is very small and compact yet surprisingly powerful.

The user will fall in love with it in a very short time as I did. Read our full review.


It is a small and compact rangefinder that can easily fit in places that are short of space. Devices like this ought to be small and compact so that the user can be able to use them with ease.

Tough And Durable

The outer body is of some of the best plastic available, and the device is also waterproofed. This makes it extremely tough and also very durable. There are very few advantages that overshadow this one.

Advanced Display

The display is modern and is easily one of the best available. It provides clarity as well as ease of viewing to the user as opposed to devices that have issues with the display.


Can be connected to networks via Wi-Fi and also has placed for USB cables to be attached to. This makes the device modern and easy to use.

2. Nikon 8397 Aculon Laser Rangefinder

Nikon 8397 Aculon Laser Rangefinder

One of the premier rangefinders of the laser category. It can and should be among the best rangefinders out there.

The following features below tell us more about it. Read full review of Nikon 8397 Aculon here.

Spare parts

In case of the device getting spoiled as it almost certainly will, there are numerous spare parts available that should be able to be used to get it up and running in the shortest time possible. Thus time and money are saved.


The display is reliable LCD, and this assures the user of the best images that have no issue with clarity and can be shared with ease.

Hand comfort

The grip is designed to be able to cushion the hand and offer respite from shock. In this way, the hand is made secure and able to handle matters of the device with ease. The strap is of soft material that should comfort the hand instead of harming it.

Long lasting

The device is designed to be waterproof and dust proof. This means that it can last very long without undergoing the bad effects other devices usually go through.

3. Bushnell Tour v4 Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour v4 Rangefinder

From Bushnell and an absolute monster of a device.

It will blow your mind away before you're halfway through with it.


Accessories are added parts that should be essential to the functioning of any device. This device has accessories that include added memory and storage space. These accessories increase functioning capacity.

Good range

The device measures distance up to a range of a thousand yards. This range is good and efficient for the keen golfer because it offers him or her adequate distance in which to measure his shots.


It is accurate up to a range of 0.3 yards. What that means is that the user can rely on the distances being measured to be very accurate. He can trust the readings of this device at all times.


Distance readings can be saved for later use due to the presence of external memory which can be expanded to fit with the user's desires.

4. Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

This last device is truly powerful and should please even the most demanding of buyers.

It has a host of features that make it a superior device to all others. Bushnell Tour V3 full review

Hard Case

The casing of the device just points to the durability one might expect. There aren't many devices that are made of such good and strong plastic. This gives the device an extended life and added durability.

Environmentally Friendly

The device is made of parts that aren't polluting in any way. There is a lot to be said for devices that are like this and work in ways to minimize pollution at all times. This is one such device.

Ease Of Use

Not a lot of buttons and controls meaning that the user can get to grips with the device in a very short time and get to using it without any Mishaps. These simple tweakings are very essential.

Good Battery

The device has good battery life. The battery will be able to serve him through many hours at least.

5. Laser rangefinder for golf by Uineye

Laser rangefinder for golf

This is a simple device that offers the best service without many additional things.

It is solid and dependable and because of this should be well regarded.

Information Saving

The device has means by which previous readings are saved and can be accessed for use at later times. This capability enables the device to store lots of important information.

Good Range

The range of this device is respectable 1600 yards. That is a very good distance for any golf rangefinder. The user can, therefore, rely on the device for readings up to the furthest part of the field.


The device is accurate even as it offers a good range. The user can be sure of accuracies of up to 0.33 yards which for those who do not know is accurate.

Multiple Capturing

Can be used to capture some targets at the same time. This powerful feature means that the golfer can save time and survey all targets they want at the same time without any fear.

Final Words

The world of rangefinders can be crazy and complex but with the information provided for these five, the user is now armed with a lot of power that will enable him to make the best choices he can concerning these kinds of devices.

Any conscious user should read through carefully, and the choices he makes will not fail him.

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