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I like to consider myself a genius when it comes to many a thing, shooting is no exception. So I thought that I could shoot by instinct, honestly am not that good of a shooter by instinct.

Pride is so hard to swallow, but lately, it is not part of me anymore, I have admitted that I need a scope to hit my targets like the genius I consider myself.

Every time I get it right obviously with the help of the rangefinder scope I think I add a day to my life and an inch of self- esteem.

It feels amazing that is why you need one too.Nothing can stop me now, not the terrain the weather or the dark here is your chance to experience the superhuman feeling that comes with using these rangefinder scopes.


Best Rangefinder Scope for The Money

You will get the best you ever dream of from the below rangefinders that I use when going for hunting or target shooting. I recommend them to you with no doubt of them being the best. 

Monstrum Tactical 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope

The Monstrum Tactical add the extra accuracy that you need while aiming your target at any distance.

I assure you shooting will get better by ten folds or more for you.


The Reticle of the Monstrum design is such that it has markings, I use the markings to estimate the size of my target using the size I can estimate the bullet drop. The Monstrum also features green and red illumination that is adjustable.

Objective lens

An adjustable objective lens see to it that I get rid of any parallax the result is that I get a clear focus of my target. Also, I get to estimate the range using the lens


Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum is what makes the scope body. The mere fact that it is aircraft grade tells us a lot. The body is water and fog resistance facilitated by the nitrogen charged seal.


The Monstrum Tactical give a 3-9 times magnification. I get a clear view of the target at 300 yards without straining it has no clarity issues beyond the 300 yards. All I do is adjust the magnification to suit the yardage.

Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangfinder Scope

Aim Sports 4×32 Compact Rangefinder Scope stands out as one of the rangefinders that.

Are a sure bet for your money it offers multiple variants.These variants make me fall for it.


I find this magnification sufficient for 40-60 yards shooting. Otherwise beyond that I am not able to find a clear focus, but I usually shoot big targets quite comfortably further away.


The scope diameter is 1" and the length is 7.75" this is a compact design. The Aim Sports compact design makes it much easier to mount on the rifle. Weighing at only 10.9 ounces, I can take the extra weight.


Everything on the Aim Sports is durable as the body is of aircraft grade aluminum. The design is such that it is water and fog resistant and also shock resistant so you will not break any of the components.

Field Of View

Having a field of view of 36.6 at 100 yards make it be above average on that. For the price that you will get it at I have had no much complaining to do. The performance is good.


Pinty 6-24×50 is the type of scope for long range, and you can also not rule it out for mid-range.

It is a classic among the scopes it has a touch of class and perfection.


Over the years the Pinty have given me the best performance overall. The magnification ranges from 6 to 24 times which is an assurance of clarity at the mid to long range. Pinty combines the magnification and a 1.96" diameter for the objective lens to enhance clarity.


Hunting in the dark is so much fun, and I am glad that the darkness does not slow me down. The reticle of the Pinty gives you a variety of green or red illumination that varies in intensity for the best sight.


The construction encompasses an all-metal construction for durability. It includes two scope mounts that I use to attach the scope securely. The lens is coated to protect from glare. The structure is coated with an inert gas to make it fog and weather proof.


With the Pinty, I get the best control over all the variables. I get to control the elevation, the windage and gain some sharp focus. Plus it has an amazingly wide field of view. All of these qualities in combination with eye relief see to it that I enjoy the craft of hunting. Know who is the maker of pinty scopes in this post.

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Mil-Dot Reticle Riflescope

Bushnell-Rangefinder-Mil-Dot-Reticle-Riflescope 4-12× 42mm is the scope for perfectionists. 

It offers a point of reference for most of the other scopes. It's a leader in the market and the bushes.


This scope has a beautiful design. Materials that complete the design are high quality to enhance durability. Magnesium which the manufacturers use on this scope is the lightest of the metals. Bushnell weighs only 24 oz.


When it comes to view HD is the way to go. I get the privilege to enjoy the HD quality images through this scope as the Bushnell has high-quality optics which has a coating that makes them waterproof.

Bullet Drop Compensation

The reticle on the Bushnell has mil-dot markings that enable me to estimate the size of the target. Using some simple calculations from the range and target size I compensate on the bullet drop giving me accuracy from 30-800 yards.

Laser Range Finder

A laser technology calculates the yardage to the target. This laser range finder is important for bullet drop compensation for starters. The range appears on the screen for you. I use the wireless trigger pad to activate the wireless range finder.


Chinook-6- 24×50 – hunting rifle scope Rangefinder-illuminated is for Hunters who go shopping asking rugged rangefinders.

I agree absolutely with this recommendation for reasons that will make you agree too.

Eye Relief

The Chinook scope features an eye relief, in this region I get the perfect view of the target. When it is dark, the eye guard helps me so much not to get those blurred images after moving my head.

Field Of View

The tube diameter is 25.4mm this gives you a wide field of view which increases the clarity. To add to this amazing field of view, it has 6-24times magnification that covers both the mid and long range.

Adjustable Windage

With this particular scope, you have the freedom to adjust the windage and elevation as you wish. I find myself using the elevation adjustment mostly especially on sloppy grounds.


The reticle has five intensities level of illumination on both the green and red variants. Illumination gives you a clear view of the target in dark conditions. I use this scope for all weather conditions and all terrains.

Best Long Range Scopes for the Money 2018

Here I will list 6 top long range scopes for your rifle that you can use for long range shooting. I won't go for details, I will just list the scopes so you can check out yourself and choose the right one that matches your needs.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Rangefinder Scope

It needs some evaluation of some important factors. Listed below are some of these factors


The reticle on any of the scopes determines your accuracy by a great deal. I prefer reticle with Mil-dot markings that enable for bullet drop compensation. Also, illumination is important during dark conditions.


Materials that are highly durable are more likable for the scopes. Light weight is also a key factor for the materials as we do not want a scope that adds too much weight. Check out for the likes of aluminum and magnesium.

Field Of View

A wide field of view gives a better hold of some fine focus. I prefer not too small a diameter on the scope tubes and the objective lens. Mainly the objective lens will determine the size of the field of view.


6-24 times magnification is what will cover you for both the mid and longer ranges. Otherwise, you might find that the images get blurred at long range. Great magnification alone will not cover you fully you need the rangefinder to have illumination for purposes of the dark times.

Other factors

  • Length
  • Warranty
  • Weight
  • Color

Final Words

Once you start using a scope, you will get to learn the advantages that come with it. The rangefinders that I have highlighted for you above offer outstanding performance.

Since starting using them, I have a more satisfying hunting life and better hitting of targets for my training.

There are no questions about the capability of these rangefinders as I have been using lots of time to confirm that it is not only me who is in love with them.

Hunters and shooters everywhere have same great regards for these rangefinders. The ratings are also amazing which leaves me with the assurance they are the real champs in the world of rangefinder scopes.

Kelvin G. Rhodes

Kelvin G. Rhodes is the Editor of JustRangeFinder. Who is a sports & outdoor enthusiast and love to share what he know about this field. In personal life he is father of two cute kids and loving husband of a beautiful wife. He love foods and nothing is more important than reading book in his spare time.

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