Best Rangefinders For Shooting – Guide & Reviews

Anyone who is even remotely interested in activities such as shooting knows the value of a rangefinder. It provides the user with the ultimate advantage when it comes to spotting prey and without it a user would be made very much less powerful.

The use of these devices in the business of shooting hasn't always been popular. In times past the technology to include these devices in the shooting field wasn't that advanced. As a result of this, there wasn't such widespread use.

With the development of technology the devices have come to be more and more common and these days, it is very common to find rangefinders specifically designed for shooting.

In this article, we will be discussing these devices and trying to find out more about which kinds are better and more reliable than others.

A user who has always wanted to know about these devices should start paying attention now, the information that will be given out is very important especially if the user is a person who is new to the field of shooting they should read on and try to grasp the concepts presented here for their own good.

Rangefinders For Shooting

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Rangefinders For Shooting

Getting a perfect rangefinder designed to do a specific purpose will always provide you with the best results. Always keep in mind the following when buying a rangefinder for shooting.


The range of a rangefinder is obviously one of the most important measures of its effectiveness. The range determines how far the Rangefinder can detect up to and how much of this distance can be looked upon as reliable measurement.

A good rangefinder is very reliable and has good range meaning that distances can be estimated on it to very high degrees of accuracy.

The user should look at these issues before buying any rangefinders and look to choose those that offer only the best values at all times.


The durability of a rangefinder has to do with the design features and the amount of attention paid to the way the body is made. Such issues as water resistance are looked into in this subheading.

It goes without saying that a rangefinder that is waterproof is better and will last longer and offer more service than one that isn't. This translates to durability, and so do other kinds of proofing such as dust proofing. The user ought to look into these things before buying.


There are various kinds of rangefinders. The two most common types are laser rangefinders and those that use GPS. Rangefinders that use GPS are not very common because they are quite expensive.

They are also way more accurate and can, therefore, be more reliable. The other kinds of rangefinders are less expensive but offer lower degrees of accuracy. The user must look into this before deciding on a purchase.


The nature of materials used in the making of the Rangefinder confer unto it properties that are either positive or negative.

The user must be able to tell which materials are better than others and be able to pick out these materials when they are choosing the appropriate rangefinder. Failure to this lots of issues might later arise which could have been avoided.

Advanced Features

Rangefinders these days come with some features that are meant to make them more useful. Such tools include memory compartments which can be used to store data that is collected using the rangefinder.

Connection to other kinds of devices using such technologies as WiFi is also important. The user must be able to look at these features and choose a rangefinder that offers the best service.

Best recommended rangefinders for shooting

The five rangefinders presented below are the best that a user can be able to find shooting. They have features that can be used and serve the user well.

1. Nikon 8397 Aculon

Nikon 8397 Aculon

A revolutionary device that will be looked at in future as one of the best of this age.

There are very few that can match this one.


The lens can be zoomed in or out in accordance with the wishes of the user. This provides for comfortable viewing at all times especially of targets that are far away and need special viewing

Target locking

Target locking refers to the way a target is secured and all other distracting matters overlooked. In this device that mechanism is possible so that the user can view his targets more clearly.

Good grip

The grip is powerful enough, and the handle is made of the best materials to ensure that the hand is comfortable at all times while using the device.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the best advantages of this device and in that the makers were spot on. The battery can be used for the longest time without any problems at all.

2. Bushnell Michael Waddell's Bone collector edition laser rangefinder

Bushnell Michael Waddell's Bone collector edition laser rangefinder

A quality device that is easily one of the best. It has stood the test of time.

And should be admirable to any user.

Strong Lens

The lens on this device is powerful enough to offer the best viewing of even the furthest of distances. This is an immense advantage.


In addition to a powerful lens, the device can also zoom in to give the user even clearer pictures that should enable him or her to make more informed decisions.

Wide Span

The device has a wide span which means that it can be used to view a wide swath of ground and cover all of it in one span. This makes it very powerful.

3. Nikon 8377 Rifle Hunter 1000 Rangefinder

Nikon 8377 Rifle Hunter 1000 Rangefinder

It is a quality device from Nikon that should not be taken lightly.

It has some exciting features


Most rangefinders are of general use and can, therefore, be employed in a variety of situations. This rangefinder is very different. It is specifically made for shooting and employs techniques that make the business of shooting much easier.

Alerting System

The device has a special alerting system that lets the user know when a target has been locked. Then the user can use the readings for whatever purposes they find fit.

Powerful Lens

The lens on the camera is very powerful and is, therefore, able to offer the best views to the user who is using the device. A powerful lens is a good indicator of the usefulness of a rangefinder and in this case, one can conclude that this device is very good.


Designed with maximum attention to detail and can, therefore, be used in conditions that one would normally consider not good. The device is rainproof and is therefore well suited for outdoor uses.

4. Bushnell G Force DX Arc Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell G Force DX Arc Laser Rangefinder

This is a good and solid device that has all the makings of a classic.

A truly good device.

Good Camera

The capturing device which is in this instance a powerful camera will not let the user down. He or she has at their disposal one of the best capturing devices of all.


The battery is easily recharged and can, therefore, be used without fear of the device running out of power in the middle of a shoot. This is reliability at its very best.

Durable Plastic

The outer cover is made of very good plastic that is made in a manner to be very durable and tough. This casing protects the interior of the device from harm at all times.


Has space for memory fittings which help the user save his or her distance findings which can then be accessed at a later date.

5. Wild Game Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6x 600 Laser Rangefinder

Wild Game Innovations Halo X-Ray Z6x 600 Laser Rangefinder

Lastly, comes this fantastic device that is one of the best rangefinders of its category.

It has some features that make it stand out at all times.


Has x-ray capabilities as the name suggests. This advanced feature gives it the ability to offer even better viewing and more accuracy with readings that one would otherwise not get from more normal devices.

Quality Laser

The laser in use here is of the best quality absolutely and should be able to provide the user with readings that are accurate and timely.

Ease Of Use

Despite all the advanced features present the device is easy to operate and understand. This makes it very popular with buyers.


Can be used with other rangefinders and also other devices on the shooting range that are necessarily not rangefinders. This compatibility is an asset.

Final Words

Looking through the five rangefinders given a user ought to be able to pick out the best that will offer them the best levels of service.

This is an important aspect of any user will want to have only the best rangefinders that will provide good work and not be faulty.

Users should know about more rangefinders if they can. Any additional knowledge will serve them well and should be welcomed by the keen user. In the end, however, they will only come to the conclusion that these five are the best.


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