How To Drive Better Off The Tee

One of the most common problems that golfers experience is getting the initial drive off the tee. This applies to many amateur golfers, and even the more experienced when they lose focus. Obviously beginners will experience more problems so lets dive right in and take a look at some problems that can occur when driving off the tee. Once we’ve identified the problems we will take a look at simple, proven to work solutions that you can apply straight away to improve your swing and get better drives.


Common Problems Faced When Driving Off The Tee

1. The Slice

A sliced shot is when the golf ball goes wayward to the right instead of going straight ahead on the fairway. Not what we want for obvious reasons. We want the ball to go where we aim and at the same time get more distance. To find the range accurately we should use a good rangefinder. To buy a best rangefinder for golf checkout this best golf rangefinder review.

So why does slice happen?

When the club impacts the ball a slice spin is transferred. This is similar to a curve shot in football where the kicker will bend the ball through the air. The main reason that the spin on the ball develops is due to an open clubface at impact.

2. The Hook / Pull Hook

The pull is an opposite of slice – the ball flies toward the left side instead of straight down the fairway. Generally the hook can cause more of a negative impact on your game than the slice. This is because most golf courses are designed in favour of people who slice by providing more room to the right.

So why does pull hook happen?

With it being the opposite of slice the pull hook happens mainly due to a closed clubface. See image below for an illustration.

3. Lack Of Height

The problem many amateurs face is hitting off the tee and getting good height off it. This achievement is down to preference. It is common practise that golfers prefer to tee it high on calm days and tee it low on windy days however, we are talking about problems experienced where you don’t get any height at all.

Now that we are aware of the problems, let’s take a look at some cures.



Cures For Problems Of The Tee

1. Fix The Slice

There are a few fixes you can apply to your swing to avoid the dreaded open clubface.

  • Concentrate on keeping your clubface square as your down swing commences. To increase your chance, keep a mental image of how your arms and hands are positioned as you swing up, and then keep them the same as you swing down.
  • Avoid out-to-in swing path. This is easier said than done however, the trick is to keep your right arm close to your body throughout your swing.
  • Correct your grip and make it firmer. When you look down at your grip, you should be able to see 2 knuckles of your left hand (or your right hand if you are a left handed player).
  • Follow through at impact – remember you’re not hitting the ball, you’re swinging trough your ball.

2. Fix The Pull Hook

  • Again concentrate on keeping your clubface square as your down swing commences.
  • Again avoid the out-to-in swing path.
  • Loosen your grip slightly. This will help bring the clubface to a square position on your down swing.
  • Position the ball so that it is not too much in front of the left/lead foot.
  • Try to pause slightly at the top of your swing. This will help bring the swing path down on the same correct line. Find your comfortable pause time – try 1 second and then try 2.

3. Get More Height

  • Try increasing the tee height.
  • Adjust the ball position by placing it more inline with your lead, left foot. This change will hit your ball on the swing up.
  • Slow down your swing speed.


Also check out this video.



So there I have it. A few tips which I hope will improve your drive off the tee and lead to a better game! Be sure to leave a comment and if you enjoy these teeing off tips.

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