[2024] Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder Review

If you are an avid golfer chances are that you have come across the name Callaway at some point.

That is because they are one of the largest manufacturers of high-end golf equipment that never fails.

As the pioneer in driver technology, Callaway has now taken the lead as being a manufacturer of some of the best laser rangefinders on the market.

Callaway along with their partner IZZO created one such rangefinder, the Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder.

So what makes this laser rangefinder one of the best golf rangefinders out there?

Join me as we dish it all out in this Callaway 300 laser rangefinder review.




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  • Range: 1000 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 8 oz
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Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder Review

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  • Range: 1000 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 8 oz

Equipped with all the features you need to accurately measure targets in the distance, the Callaway 300 laser rangefinder is a few steps up from the Callaway 200 laser rangefinder.

It makes use of some highly remarkable technological features that are very simple to use.

These include Pin Acquisition Technology, Slope Detection, Multiple Targeting, and a whole lot more.

Small and compact enough, the Callaway 300 comes with a Molded Case that provides extra protection.

The rangefinder’s case has a belt loop that you can use to attach it to your golf bag for convenient carrying.

callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder provides accurate measurements.


The Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder with slope technology comes in a sleek and stylish design.

The look of sophistication is further enhanced with a highly durable plastic material and an anti-slip design.

It is lightweight and compact measuring just 4.25 x 1.75 x 3 inches and weighing 8 ounces.

This allows it to fit comfortably in your hand and convenient to carry around.

The Callaway 300 pro is built to meet your needs and for play no matter the weather conditions.

The rangefinder is both water and fog proof so in a sense, you can still smoke your friends on the course no matter what.

This is perfect during tournaments especially since weather conditions can change throughout the day and for the days the tournament runs.


Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT)

Pin Acquisition Technology is Callaway’s patented and exclusive technology.

PAT can lock on to a pin for distances up to 300 yards away with +-1 yard accuracy.

It will provide accurate distances even when background objects like trees are present that can interfere with your shot.

This cool feature is especially useful if you are new to certain courses, new to golf, and have very little experience.


The exclusive birdie feature delivers a chirp when it locks onto a pin.

You will hear the audible chirp which confirms that you have acquired the precise distance to flagstick.

This feature can be turned off and on, depending on your preference.

Slope Detection

If you have a hard time reading and measuring courses with slopes then the Callaway rangefinder 300 is your solution.

No longer will you need a pen and paper to calculate the angles of the course.

This nifty rangefinder does that all for you with just the touch of a button.

It calculates the distance and gives an adjusted measurement to target by measuring the angle of the incline or decline of the golf course.

Due to this, you will be able to not only improve your shot but also hit accurate shots.

There is an option to turn the Slope Detection feature off so that the rangefinder complies with the regulations set out by USGA for tournament play.

Improve your swing with callaway 300 pro

Multiple Targeting

Acquire distances to multiple targets by pressing and holding just one button.

Get precise measurements of multiple targets without any blurriness in the background.

This is great for golfers when they are training to improve their skill set.

6x magnification

The Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder is capable of magnifying targets up to 6 times.

Getting a crystal clear view with the 6x magnification allows for easy pin targeting.

The high-quality optics gives you a distinct advantage when measuring targets in the distance.

Beneficial to both the amateur and pro, this rangefinder has a range of up to 1000 yards.

Moreover, with Scan Mode it allows for easy landscape scanning to acquire measurements for multiple targets.


The Callaway 300 pro consists of a clean and clear, easy to read LCD.

What you see is all the information needed to improve your strategy when playing the sport.

It displays the Zero-In Aiming Technology, PAT technology indicator,  battery status, yards, or meters to the target and slope detection information.


The Callaway rangefinder 300 comes with a replaceable CR2 3V Lithium Battery that comes with a purchase.

Simply insert the battery in the battery compartment which is located at the back of the device.

The battery compartment features an unscrewed flip-up handle and is very simple to access.

This also protects and keeps the battery safe.

The rangefinder shuts off automatically after 10 seconds of no use to preserve the battery.

The battery status is shown on the LCD for always knowing how much power you have left.

Keep in mind, that if you use the Callaway 300 when the battery status is low, you may get inaccurate readings.

Therefore, it is recommended you change the battery before you use it next.

Similarly, if the rangefinder does not power on, chances are that the battery is low and needs replacing.

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How to Operate the Callaway 300 Rangefinder

No one wants a gadget that is hard to operate.

Aside from wasting precious time, rangefinders that come fully loaded with a ton of unnecessary features cost a whole lot more and are hard to use.

The Callaway 300 laser rangefinder requires nothing more than point and shoot as you would expect from a quality laser rangefinder.

An adjustable rubber eyepiece allows you to zoom and adjust your level of focus and then you just point to the target and press the power button located on the top.

Doing this will bring up some crosshairs and after a while gives you the accurate measurement to a flag or whatever else you’re trying to measure the distance to.

If you want to change the reading from yard to meters just press the mode button also located on the top of the device.

Likewise, pressing the Mode button allows you to choose the different modes with advanced technology.

Callaway 300 Pros

Highly Accurate

If you golf regularly, then you know how beneficial a good laser rangefinder is.

The Callaway 300 provides accurate measurements for distance to the target.

It makes use of some pretty advanced technologies such as Pin Acquisition, Slope Detection, Multiple Targeting, and many more.

These technologies all guarantee the most accurate readings at just the touch of a button.

Easy to Use

Featuring simple and intuitive buttons, the Callaway 300 pro is easy to use.

All you have to do is adjust the rubber eyepiece, point, and hit the power button.

To change modes and make use of the many technological functions use the Mode button.

Use anywhere, anytime

The Callaway 300 laser rangefinder is small and lightweight enough to use just about anywhere, anytime.

With the ability to resist water and fog, you can use it no matter the weather.

Additionally, you can turn off the slope detection feature to enable the rangefinder to be USGA legal for use in tournaments.

Great Value

For all you get, the Callaway 300 laser rangefinder is an affordable option.

The pocket-friendly price will have most golfers smiling.

Callaway has also included a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase.

That is to say that they will fix any issues with your rangefinder if they are responsible at no cost to you for up to one year,

Callaway 300 Cons

Hard to read in low light

In low light conditions, the LCD can be difficult to read.

Pin lock only locks pin up to 300 yards

The pin lock feature does not have an extensive range of locking pins.

It can only lock pins that are up to 300 yards away.

Final Verdict: Callaway 300 Pro laser rangefinder review

Overall, in this Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder review, you will find that this rangefinder is one that is worth considering.

It is solidly built and equipped with some pretty neat features that golfers of all levels will appreciate.

You can use it anywhere anytime since it is both water and fog proof and compact enough to carry around.

The price point is also another great reason why this rangefinder is loved by many.

As a mid-range priced laser rangefinder, it has some advanced technology features that cost a lot more from other brands.

So in the end, purchasing the Callaway pro 300 is a great choice for anyone looking for a great laser rangefinder with top-notch features at a reasonable price.

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