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What do you want your perfume to say about you? Is it the exude sensuality blended with a sweet note of leather? Or an airy and light summer flavor with some floral notes?

Either way, you have to understand your taste and persona to select the best cologne for you. But you can’t buy and check every model in the market, right? Well, making the mammoth task easier for you, we’ve researched out the best scent for you.

I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about it. But let me officially present the magnificent Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche For Men. Throughout this entire article, we’ll go to break down every bit of this magnificent spray and check out whether it’s a right fit for you or not.

We will be discussing the following facts in this review.

          Drakkar Noir Cologne Review in Short

Now, let’s start off this Drakkar Noir review in details-
drakkar noir cologne review

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The Ingredients Behind Drakkar Noir’s Aroma

I’m sure whoever had the smell of this scent we are talking about, wondered How they can manage such ingredients that brings on such a charming aroma in together? Well, we are going to reveal it all for you-

Drakkar Noir has three different notes behind its fragrance. They are called the Top note, the Heart Note, and the Base notes. While three of the layers play their own role, they also combine with each other to form fragrances that are compound in nature.

Check out the ingredients of each note-

  • The Top Notes

    The top notes contain ingredients like Rosemary, Green Mint, Verbena, Basil, Lemon, and Lavender.

  • The Heart Notes

    The heart notes contain ingredients like Wormwood, Coriander, Angelica, Juniper.

  • The Base Notes

    The base notes, which are the fundamental ingredient base of the scent, consist of Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Balsam and Pine needle.

A Woody Base with A Spice Herbaceous

I don’t know whether it’s the magical mystery of French fragrance excellence, or the wizardry of Guy Laroche, the brand of Drakkar Noir. But the woody and spicy flavor that comes through every bit of this scent takes a muscular personality to it’s very best. Same happened when went on checking some real time Drakkar noir cologne review on the internet.

Although it’s hard to explain with words, while researching about this and going through a list of real-time Drakkar noir review, we found people sending their amazing experience on Drakkar Noir and its magnificent long-lasting aroma. Surely, you won’t regret if you want to be one of those happy users of this French fragrance.

A Formatted Mix of Strength, Emotion, and Insolence Together

Who doesn’t want to express his flavor of muscular persona to anybody present nearby? Everyone, right? And for that purpose, if you want to own a brand that had been a promise of quality in the industry, the Drakkar Noir is the right scent for you.

The fragrance from Drakkar Noir can be super impressive and attractive to anyone roaming around you. It doesn’t only reflect your strong muscular personal over the persons, but also shows off an elegant level of class and taste.

Anyone who’ve been introduced to you with a puff of this fragrance can hardly erase the highly classy personality of yours.

An Explosive Blend of World’s Classiest Ingredients

We’ve already gone through the ingredient notes of the Drakkar Noir. Although, I don’t know really well about all this ancient ingredient. But one thing I can tell you for sure.

Some of these ingredients are from really royal and organic sources. With such an ingredient chart, when the traditional and ancient French touch gets mixed up, something incredible should definitely be there. Moreover, just for being from a production house like Guy Laroche, it adds a new shade of excellence and elegance in itself.

For me, it would be a must-to-buy fragrance, if I don’t want my personality to fade away with those cheap scent bottles. What about you?

It Takes You To the 90’s Styles of Soft Scents

The trend of men’s scents and perfumes have gone through some trend of aggressive spicy flavors. But when we came up with Drakkar Noir, we had experienced something completely different.

Initially, we were expecting something extreme and aggressive that contains a high percentage of Kouros and high pH in it. But later on, it came up to be way lighter, sweeter and fresher. It will surely remind you of the 90’s sweet and soft muscular fragrance style. And if we don’t make any mistake, the entire aroma brings on an extremely muscular appearance around you.

Muscular and Seductive Appeal- All Together

One of the sole reasons for men using branded scents is to create a muscular aroma and a seduction towards the opposite gender. No matter what type of man you are, if you’re up to branded scents, you have to admit that in one or another way.

Well, on the way to this process, Drakkar Noir can be that one brand that you’re looking for years. The lemon pledge and lemon notes inside the scent creates a light and sweet flavor around you. Later on, the lemon seems to be balanced out by a comparatively heavier and rougher leather note. Resultantly, the combined effort provides a fresh and heavy flavor that is both masculine and lightly seductive.

Bottom Line

If you have some real urge to show your muscular persona and appeal to wherever you are, stop following the old trends and start looking forward. For you only, we’ve explained and broken down every aspect of this branded fragrance from Guy Laroche in this Drakkar cologne review.

We have a strong belief that you’ll like Drakkar Noir review to the fullest.

About Guy Laroche- The Production House

First thing first, let’s have a look at the production house/brand from where this amazing bottle of divine fragrance comes from.

The brand is Guy Laroche, a French Fragrance manufacturer located in Paris. The brand was named after the name of Guy Laroche, the founder. He formed this brand in 1957 with a promise of an evolution of the ancient fragrance industry in France.

A Glimpse of Drakkar Noir’s Story

Drakkar Noir is marked as the biggest success that the brand Guy Laroche had adopted in years. It replicates the brand’s enormous effort without no significant luck in the industry. The brand has tried a number of perfumes and fragrances over the years. Some of their best attempts were Horizon (1993), Drakkar Dynamik (1999) and the very recent Drakkar Essence (2014).

But after all these hard works, Drakkar Noir had become the most successful one from the brand.

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