Fito Modena Bike Review

Fito Modena Bike Review

If you are like a lot of people, there is probably nothing you would like to do more than to take a bicycle ride down to the beach or other areas. The trouble is, however, these areas are often difficult to traverse with a standard thin-tired bike. If you have ever tried it, it’s no fun.
The alternative is easy, however, in the form of the Fito Modena Bike review. Not only are the tires wide enough to ride over the sand and virtually any other surface, but its cool retro look makes it a pleasure to be seen riding. And there are still more advantages.


18″ Extended steel frame for the ultimate in durability. With the Fito Modena Bike, you are buying quality and not something that mixes a few metal parts with those made of lesser material.

26″ Tires and quality rims. The Fito Modena Bike’s tires are a full 26″ of quality that is made to stay on top of the sand and other materials you ride on. Wide tires and quality rims mean that you won’t sink into the sand any more than you need to.

Full Fenders

Who would enjoy a day of riding on the beach if you kick up sand everywhere that you ride? With the Fito Modena Bike the wide fenders will catch the sand your tires scoop up, returning it to the ground where it came from.

Boss Design

Wherever you ride on your Fito Modena Bike, everyone will think you own the road or the beach. The Fito Modena Bike has a bold, strong look that is sure to get the attention of everyone you pass. The Fito Modena Bike is not one of those bikes that are built just to get you by. In fact, most people will probably ask you where you got yours.


  •  Bold, strong construction that will keep you riding for years to come.
  •  Vinyl, leather handles and over-sized leather saddle for looks and good support.


  • Professional assembly might be required for those with lesser mechanical skills.


  • Sizes: the extended frame is usually two inches longer than the regular frames.
  • This bike is made primarily for people between 5’2″ to 6′ tall.
  • Revoshift grip shifter.
  • Has front as well as rear disk brakes.
  • Comes with aluminum alloy brake levers.
  • KMC chain
  • Kenda 24″ x 3.0″ wide tires.
  • Forged one-piece crank arm.
  • 25″ tire diameter
  • 24″ aluminum alloy rims.
  • 4-bolt aluminum alloy stem
  • Fenders are customized front and rear.
  • Vinyl leather grips
  • Oversized leather saddle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What colors does the Fito Modena Bike come in?

A: The Fito Modena Bike comes in a wide variety of colors, which makes chances that you will find something you like very possible.

Q; I want to ride a bike to and on the beach. Is this one good for a use like that?

A: Yes. In fact, there are probably a few bikes that will do it better. The secret is not only in the wide tires and rims but in the overall construction of the bike itself. The wide tires will move across the sand instead of sinking in, while the quality of the ride will let you better control the power you exert.

Q: Does this bike come preassembled?

A; For the most part, yes. There are some parts that must be assembled after purchase to accommodate packaging. About 8 percent of the bicycle is assembled when it arrives. Besides these, all you will need to do is to make fine adjustments in some of the parts to accommodate the rider.


For a quality ride that looks good and is reasonably priced, there are probably a few better deals than a Fito Modena Bike. Few others are as well made and promise the quality that is instilled in the creation of a Fito Moderna Bike. For beach transportation, there’s nothing like it, but whether you are on the beach or off, you can be sure that the coolness factor is working in your favor as soon as you saddle up with this one.

Best of all, Filo is proud of the fact that they sell their bikes factory direct, which causes their bikes to be priced among the most competitive in the market. As a result, if you are looking for a quality bike at a reasonable price, look to Filo to make the difference for you.

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