Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder Review [2024]

Swinging on the golf course? Hunting? It’s no secret you need a rangefinder and not just a rangefinder but a good one at that. A rangefinder that sees your target perfectly and accurately tells you how far that subject is. Eyes that do more than just the normal eye function.

Rangefinders give you the edge you arguably need in whichever field you are, playing a game of golf, hunting and so forth.

It can be quite a task finding a rangefinder that does what you want and rarely does you come across one that is as impressive as the Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder. All the edge you need in a rangefinder can be found in this state of the art rangefinder.

With this product, accurately finding the target and assisting you to hit it is a job done with professional prowess.




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  • Range: 600 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 10.24 oz
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Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder review in-depth

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Everything you will need in a rangefinder is squarely in this product, if not impressed then you will be super impressed. Some of them are described here for you.

600- Yard Range

No matter how far off your target is, you need to know exactly the distance of it from your point. Sometimes you are too far and can’t get any closer but still have to make that shot or swing that ball. What do you do? You pick up your XRT6 laser range finder and point it at your subject.

With a range of up to 600 yards, you are guaranteed accurate measurement within that range.

6x Magnification

And what if your subject is too small, too minute to see clearly from your distance, what do you do then? I will tell you.

You pick up your Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder, point it at your subject then zoom in, not one, not two, not three but six times magnification power! Your subject is right there in front of you.

Now take the shot! 6x magnification power brings your subject so close and as clearly as possible so that you are fully enabled to achieve your shot or swing.

Scan Mode For Constant Ranging

It is important to be able to measure the distance of not just the objects of interest only but others too just in case it is necessary.

This laser rangefinder has a scan mode feature that allows you to constantly measure the distance of objects within your view as you sweep across the landscape.

Imagine having to measure every object in the view individually and separately, the and difficult task is it not? This feature found within this product saves you this hustle, just point and voila!

Water And Dust Resistant

You will find rangefinders will be useful in a myriad of environments. It is, therefore, no surprise that you might find yourself with your rangefinder in a rainy situation or even dump, wet or dusty surrounding.

If you are in any of these environments, this product is made to contend with all of it by being water and dust resistant. So you put aside worries about damage from weather conditions and environments leaving you to concentrate on the main agenda.

Precise To +/- 1 Yard

Precision is significant in times like these, and you need to have feedback that is as close to perfect as possible.

The Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder boasts an accuracy level of up to +/ – yard. With this, it is easy to trust your rangefinder to give you accurate measurements and in turn, you trust your shots and swings more since your approximations are based on accurately informed measurements.


  • Clear images even with 6x magnification.
  • A yard ranges of 600 yards.
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Precise to +/- 1 yard


  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • No warranty for this product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone stayed with it for more than a few months while still working?

I have used it through 2015- 2016 without any problems now.

What is the minimum range Halo XRT6 rangefinder will see?

The minimum range is about 5 yards, it’s the best I have used so far.

I’d like to use it for golf, do you have to adjust the lens to focus?

No adjustments required, I use mine for golf too.

Final Verdict

Halo XRT6 rangefinder is an incredible product and many people who have used it say it is among the best they have ever used. It is easy to notice a good product from the way people talk about it. I would, therefore, hold this product up for anyone looking for a rangefinder that has the interests of the user at heart.

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