How would a rangefinder improve you next outdoor experience

A laser rangefinder is an excellent tool that can help you determine longer distances. These tools are especially useful when you are golfing, mountaineering or even hunting. Some benefits of having a laser rangefinder would be your ability to make a clean shot or it even gives you a better understanding of your terrain. Do remember that other tools, such as a bow stabilizer would be important for you to make an accurate shot as well.

However, any tool would only be as effective as the person who is using it. There are some common mistakes which you have to avoid. Most users are not aware that the maximum range estimate state on the rangefinder can be considered as an accurate measure only on highly reflective surfaces.

Other mistakes include not accounting for the elevation angle of the target or not practicing proper optic care habits. But overall, the benefits of using a rangefinder is immense. Here are some examples of how a rangefinder can improve your next outdoor experience. For purposes of clarity, I would separate the article into parts by categorizing them into activities.


A rangefinder can increase your hunting success rate by the very fact that distance estimation would affect your shooting. A rangefinder would be even more important if you like to do long-distance shooting, be it with a bow or with a gun.

You do not need really expensive rangefinders because they are only necessary if you want to take shots above 400 yards. If you are bowhunting, a rangefinder that can range up to 200 yards would suffice. This is an aspect which you have to consider to be cost-effective.

Having a rangefinder can help you to make every shot count, ensuring that your shots are precise and consistent. If your shots are precise enough to hit the animal’s vital body parts, you would inevitably get a clean shot. This saves you the trouble for blood trailing and this would be a more humane way to hunt.

Your understanding of a terrain which you are hunting can significantly improve your success rate as well. A rangefinder can help you to scout the terrain, letting you know which positions you can take to have a clear shot. Also, you can spy on your game and learn their habitual patterns. No doubt, a rangefinder would be beneficial in your hunting experience!


Most golfers played their best rounds while having access to a rangefinder. By having a rangefinder, you can have a better understanding of how far you have hit each club. A rangefinder can also give you immediate feedback, letting you know whether you shot well while you are on the green.

Knowing the distance you need to hit would also help you decide what kind of club you should use. Since most rangefinders have magnification capabilities, you can easily see your target. However, you may find it difficult to use a laser rangefinder in a rainy day, unless you bring a cloth to constantly wipe the glass.

I would highly encourage you to get a rangefinder, especially if you are determined to get better at golfing. The immediate feedback mechanism will motivate you to push further!


Without utilizing a laser rangefinder while mountaineering, you would not be able to measure the distance up a mountain without hiking it. This gadget can assist you in gaining the necessary information for hiking, letting you know the distance you need to travel to your next location.

By having this reliable information, you would be able to keep yourself safe while hiking because this information can assist you in making important decisions. For example, you want to determine whether you have enough energy left to take on that dangerous or technical route, you would need all the information you can get.

Furthermore, since a rangefinder is highly portable, you can easily carry it with you on your hike. Most of the laser rangefinders can easily fit into your bag. You can even select rangefinders that can be handheld or those that come with a tripod which gives you more stability, depending on your preferences. Start utilizing a rangefinder and stop all the guesswork now!


Having a rangefinder can bring a lot of benefits, and it is vividly explained in the examples above! One psychological benefit is that you can improve your confidence in shooting, golfing or even hiking by having a laser rangefinder. Using hunting as an example, studies have proven that people who use a rangefinder would be able to pay attention in executing his shot, rather than thinking about the accuracy of it.
Only get a laser rangefinder after reviewing your wants and needs! If you have any other tips or benefits you would like to share, please comment in the box below.


This is a guest post from John Lewis.

Author Bio: I am John Lewis, a blogger, survivalist and outdoor enthusiast. You can follow me over at Epic Wilderness.

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