Hunting on a Bike

Hunting as a sport is gaining popularity across the globe. To deliver on a great hunting experience, the right equipment is very important. Other than hunting gear, mobility is another key factor to consider so you remain discrete in the woods. While hunters have used ATVs and UTVs, they are large and noisy. This is the reason hunting on a bike is becoming a better preference for hunters. In addition, bike hunting is a great combination of mountain biking and hunting. Nothing beats enjoying two sports at the same time. If you are looking to buy cruiser bike then head over this guide of best cruiser bikes by my friend.

Hunting on a Bike

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Why hunting on a bike is a preference…

Hunting on a bike comes with a number of advantages as compared to other mobile methods or making it out on your feet. These include:


Silence/ Discretion

When hunting, one of the most important aspect when you are sneaking up to your target, is that you remain discrete. This will prevent the animal in question from fleeing. Fat bikes and mountain bikes provide this benefit. They are virtually silent and they give you have a better coverage. Because they are designed to suit hunting needs, they can take on different terrains. In addition, you will be able to maneuver with ease to retain discretion as you stalk your prey.



When you are sneaking on your target prey, there is more than one way of animals knowing that someone is on their trail. Other than making noise, animals can take on foreign scents in the woods. This drives away animals and brings down your hunting experience. Investing in a hunting bike will ensure you do not worry about foreign scents because bikes do not operate on fuel. The chances of tricking the animals closer to you are relatively very high.



When referring to accessibility, you will be able to access public land where motorized vehicles are not. These lands are not restrictive to bikes. Hunters who prefer to hunt in public lands understand the benefit of accessing the lands fast and getting deep to avoid competition and crowded lands. Another thing about accessibility is that you will be able to access tight spots with ease. You can go around anywhere your feet would carry you as long as you watch out that the tires do not go flat.



Moving about in your feet is the only completion to moving silently in the woods. However, between these two, using a bike is a faster option to give you better coverage. You can cover a wider circumference with less the effort. The ATVs are fast but noisy and all you will be doing is driving fast with very little special moments for you as a hunter. Hunting is a seasonal sport and you definitely want to make the best of these seasons.



As compared to other vehicles, a bike is more affordable even if you opt to go for a used UTV or ATV. It will practically cost less than half the cost of used motorized vehicles. There are companies in the market that have designed bikes specifically for hunting such as Cogburn. You have no reason not to make the best of your hunting experience. In comparison to other hunting motors, a bike is budget-friendly.


The above benefits of hunting on a bike offer a great hunting experience for hunters. All you need is to identify a mountain. Alternatively, fat bikes are a great choice. If you are looking for an affordable yet fast and easy to access device in the woods to suit your hunting needs, a hunting bike will meet these needs and preferences. Other than standing the risk of a flat tire, they offer convenience as well as efficiency. Read this story of 3 friends who hunted by bike.

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