Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Rangefinder Review [2023]

Nikon is a world leader in optics and has some amazing products on the market.

The brand is famous for their cameras that are among the best in the world but many don’t know they also produce some great sports products as well.

Nikon aims to revolutionize laser technology in rangefinders and have had many successes so far.

The best is possibly the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder that was named the Best Rangefinder in 2018 and Editor’s Choice Award in 2019.

With the ability to cop two awards, Nikon must have done something right with the Coolshot Stabilized Pro.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at this rangefinder then stick around as we dive deeper into its features, pros, and cons, and more in this Nikon Coolshot Review.




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  • Range: 1200 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 6 oz
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Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Rangefinder

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  • Range: 1200 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 6 oz

The Nikon Pro Stabilized golf rangefinder is equipped with stabilizing technology and other advanced technologies that allowed it to cop two huge titles in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

The Cool Shot Pro Stabilized replaces the discontinued CoolSHoot 80i VR and the much older slope calculator devices from the lineup.

This unit is small enough to fit into your palm and offers one-handed use.

Despite its small size and weighing just 6 ounces, this rangefinder comes fully loaded with some awesome features.

Let’s jump right into the features of the Nikon Coolshot Pro in this Nikon Coolshot rangefinder review.

Notable features of the Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder

Stabilized Technology

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder comes with an advanced optical stabilization option.

This stabilization system maintains the integrity of your site line and the laser beam as you range an object.

It reduces vibrations and movements from unsteady hands which means that the distance readout is far more accurate than any other rangefinder.

Accuracy is bumped up to at least 80% with the user being able to acquire the target faster and easier.

This is helpful, especially when measuring distances to small objects such as flagsticks.

Next-Gen Hyper Read Technology

To further increase speed, the Coolshot Pro Stabilized comes with next-gen Hyper Read Technology that displays distance measurements in an instant.

This rangefinder delivers distance measurement reading in just 0.3 seconds.

The speed of 0.3 seconds is guaranteed no matter the distance to the target.

Nikon ID(Incline/Decline) Technology

The Nikon Coolshot Pro uses Nikon ID Technology to calculate for any incline or declines the course.

This helps to eliminate any guesswork when hitting shots uphill or downhill and also helps the user choose the right club.

Although this rangefinder comes with a slope feature, it is tournament legal.

How so?

Keep reading to find the answer in the next feature.

Actual Distance Indicator

Rangefinders with slope technology are not allowed for use in tournaments.

However, the USGA recently changed that rule and now allows a rangefinder with slope technology to be used providing that the slope feature is turned off.

The Actual Distance Indicator let officials know that the slope feature is turned off and that the device is now legal for use in tournaments.

Between the laser and the lens lies an LED Green Light that flashes and lights up when the slope feature is off.

The flashing green light can be seen by officials who can confirm that you are in “distance only mode.”

First Target Priority

This rangefinder can measure the closet target while ignoring background objects with its First Target Priority technology.

It works hand in hand with the Locked On Technology in the Nikon Coolshot Pro.

Locked On Technology

This feature ensures that you are getting accurate measurements to the target you want and not to other objects in the background or nearby surroundings.

Gain confidence and be sure of what you are ranging with the Locked On technology that visibly tells you what you are ranging with a green circle.

The green circle brackets the target so you know the distance measurement you’re getting is to that specific target and nothing else.

Continuous Measurement

In those instances where you want the distance to the flagsticks plus the hazards around, the Continuous Measurement function makes things a whole lot easier.

With the ability to range for 8 continuous seconds, this function provides the distances to all hazards, pins, mounds, and trees in a few seconds.

It is great when measuring the distance to multiple targets or small and thin objects.



The Coolshot Pro Stabilized can measure the distance to targets from 8-1200 yards.

It provides incredible accuracy at every distance with 0.75 yards inside 700 yards, 1.25 yards from 700-1000 yards and 1.75 yards beyond 1000 yards.


Of course, the leaders in optics would never let us down with the display unit found on this rangefinder.

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized comes with a High-Visibility OLED Display.

This display is crystal clear and comes with adjustable screen brightness which can be set to automatically brighten or manually brighten to ensure readability in varying lighting conditions.

The markings and readings show up in red and green which is easier to read, unlike rangefinders where the readings show up in black.


The Nikon Coolshot Pro makes use of Nikon’s multi-coated optics for clear and sharp images.

Together with a rear diopter ring, the Coolshot Pro Stabilized allows for the fast focus to the user’s eyesight whether it’s perfect or not.

This Nikon Coolshot rangefinder is equipped with 6x 21 mm objective lenses with an eye relief of 18mm.

With just 6x magnification, this unit has a wide field of view so you won’t be missing much when using the Continuous Measurement function.

Laser Technology

The Nikon Coolshot Pro is a laser rangefinder so it uses an invisible, eye-safe Class 1M laser.

This laser works fast which allows you to get your distance measurement in 0.3 seconds which makes the unit the fastest on the market.

Not only is the laser fast but also accurate so you can always be on the top of your game.


Using the Cool Shot Pro Stabilized is fairly easy but may take a few uses before you get a hang of it.

Changing the settings is pretty straightforward as the MODE button is used to switch between the four modes and the PWR button moves through the options in each mode.

F1 is for changing the measurement display mode.

Golf Mode provides slope adjusted distances and actual distances.

The other modes allow you to choose actual distance only, actual distance plus height or horizontal distance plus height.

F2 allows you to change the internal brightness of the display.

You can either choose for this to be done automatically or you can manually do it.

Note that if you’re going to manually do it, 1 is the darkest setting while 5 is the brightest.

F3 is used when you need to switch between Yards or Meters.

F4 switches the Actual Distance Indicator on or off to alert officials whether the unit complies with USGA rules.


This Nikon rangefinder comes with a 3V CR2 battery upon purchase.

The battery can last for a while and will all depend on how often and how many rounds of gold it is used for.

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized also includes an auto shut off function which turns the rangefinder off after 8 seconds of no use.

This extends and preserves battery life so you can go longer before you have to replace the battery.

When inserting the battery, you may experience some difficulty in rotating the battery chamber cover.

That is because the battery chamber has a rubber seal to ensure the battery compartment stays waterproof.


The lightest golf bag can feel like the heaviest on those extremely warm days or when playing on hilly courses.

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized is ergonomically designed, lightweight and compact to go wherever you go.

It uses a combination of colours which gives it an almost cool and fresh look.

Unlike the other Nikon Coolshot rangefinders, the Nikon Coolshot Pro is fully waterproof and not just water-resistant or rainproof.

It is also fog-proof and nitrogen filled which means it is internally fog-proof as well.

The overall design of this product makes certain you have a product to use anywhere any time no matter the weather conditions and you couldn’t possibly ask for anything better.

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Pros: Nikon Coolshot Pro

Stabilization Technology

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized is the only rangefinder equipped with Stabilization Technology to help golfers with shaky hands.

Slope Adjustments

This rangefinder can calculate distances and make adjustments based on inclines or declines in the course with Nikon’s ID technology.

Tournament Legal

While it calculates for slope, the Coolshot Pro Stabilized can also be tournament legal if the slope feature is turned off.

The Actual Distance Indicator is a flashing green light that tells officials the slope function is off.


With next-gen Hyper Read, First Target Priority and Locked On technology, the Nikon Coolshot Pro is a fast and accurate unit delivering distance measurements in 0.3 seconds.

Awesome Design

Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed, the Coolshot Pro stabilized is all you need on the green.

It is decked out with a bright OLED display and multi-coated lens to provide sharp and vivid images and readings in any lighting condition.

What is more, is that the unit is fully waterproof and fog-proof.

Nikon Coolshot Pro for tournaments

Cons: Nikon Coolshot Pro


Some argue that the price of the Nikon Coolshot Pro can be a bit too pricey.

However, a look at all the great features can make one understand why it’s pricey.

How does the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized compare to other rangefinders?

Yes, the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized won two titles but how does it compare to other rangefinders on the market?

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  • Range: 650 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 5.6 oz

The Nikon Coolshot 40i golf laser rangefinder is another awesome rangefinder from Nikon.

It also comes with some of the advanced technologies used in the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder.

The Coolshot 40i includes Hyper Read Technology, First Target Priority, Continuous Measurement and ID Technology but does not include Nikon’s optical stabilization system.

Instead, it comes with a Distant Target Priority Mode which gives you distance readings of the furthest targeted object when ranging a group of objects in the far distance.

This is a feature not found on the Coolshot Pro Stabilized but since it can range out to 1200 yards compared to 650 yards of the Coolshot 40, it’s not a problem.

On the other hand, they both offer clean and crisp images and readouts in various lighting situations with the use of Nikon’s world-class optics and offer 6x magnification.

These two rangefinders are both lightweight, compact and grips easily.

The Nikon Coolshot 40i rangefinder is a budget-friendly option which includes most of the Nikon Coolshot Pro features except the stabilization, waterproof and fog-proof feature.

If you need a rangefinder without slope then, check out the Nikon Coolshot 40 rangefinder in this Nikon Coolshot 40 review.

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  • Range: 1,300 yards
  • Magnification: 7x
  • Weight: 20.48  oz

The Bushnell Pro XE Golf laser rangefinder is said to be one of the best on the market according to golfers.

It ranges all the way out to 1300 yards at 7x magnification is much farther than the Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder.

It comes with Pinseeker Technology to deliver quick and accurate readings while Visual Jolt Technology lets you know that you have successfully locked onto your target.

The Visual Jolt displays a flashing red ring as the rangefinder vibrates.

The star of the Bushnell Pro XE Golf laser rangefinder is the Slope with Elements feature.

Slope with Elements calculates and adjusts distance measurement based on slopes and factors in temperature and barometric pressure to give you true “play as” distance.

Another feature of the Bushnell Pro XE that users seem to love is the Bite Magnetic Mount even though it makes the unit heavier.

This allows the rangefinder to attach to your cart so it can easily be within hand reach should you need it.

Of course with advanced features, the price shoots up and so the Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder is more expensive than the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized.

Read more about this rangefinder in the Bushnell Pro XE Review. 

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  • Range: 400 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 9.9oz

The Precision Pro NX7 golf rangefinder is an affordable unit that combines the design and functionality of a Bushnell or Nikon rangefinder at a much lower price.

Although the Precision Pro NX7 rangefinder only measures distances out to 400 yards, it is highly accurate.

It is accurate to 1 yard and can be set for meters or yards.

This unit comes with Pulse Vibration Technology and Target Acquisition Technology which leads the rangefinder to vibrate when locked on to a target.

These features are very much like the Locked On technology used in the Nikon Coolshot Pro rangefinder.

This unit also compensates for slopes in the course and is water-resistant.

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Final thoughts: Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Rangefinder Review

In this Nikon golf rangefinder review, we found that the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder is definitely worth its high price tag.

This unit is tricked out with Stabilization, ID, Hyper Read technology plus Actual Distance Indicator.

These are a few of the features that are worth the money not forgetting the world-class optics and waterproofing and anti-fogging properties.

If your budget allows then definitely spring for the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized rangefinder.

For more golfing rangefinders, read the best golf rangefinder post.




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  • Range: 1200 yards
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Weight: 6 oz
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