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“Golf”- is the word that ignites the insider sportsman of persons like you and me. But to hone our skill set, we need to keep ourselves in continuous practice. But being not a professional golfer, how come we can manage to practice on a golf course? I guess, we can’t and therefore it’s important to find an alternative.

Besides, the money needed for this game is enormous. So, for beginner level players- it’s hard to maintain the money that is needed only for practice let alone a tournament. Moreover, in a dull and gloomy day- it’s impossible to play golf on the field.

To save you from all these troubles, a home simulator can be the in rescue. And if you talk about the best simulators in the market, OptiShot 2 golf simulator comes first in the discussion. In this article, we will be reviewing this best golf simulator in an unbiased and neutral way.

In this OptiShot 2 review, I will share all my experience with this OptiShot golf simulator from A to Z. So, stay with me for the rest of the article and let me show you the worth of this product.

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What Impressed Me The Most about This Simulator?

Well, I was looking for a golf course when I first saw it on the internet. I had no idea that a golf course could be done from inside my house. But as you can see, the moment I started using this, I fell in love with this amazing device.

I Could Train Golf at Home

When I saw the advertisement of this product, I became interested. Previously it was hard maintaining the courses. I couldn’t even come up with the time. Also, the instruction center was very far from my house. This OptiShot golf simulator really saved me a lot of time and helped me to be more productive throughout the day.

Practicing Was Cheaper

The price of the device was in fact high. But when you compare to golf, it’s actually nothing. If you don’t play golf for 1 month you would save a lot of money right? You can buy one of the OptiShot 2 golf simulators with that money. That’s how you can practice all day and all night without any subscription fee or any extra cost. So, if you really want to save your money, this is the best simulator you need.

I Could Play Golf Even in The Rain

Suppose you are playing or practicing golf on a gloomy day. If you are a professional player, you would know that it’s very hard to concentrate on the field without a bright and shiny day. And if suddenly it starts to rain, it will be really a disaster. But with the OptiShot 2 golf simulator, it will be easy to play even in your house garage. Amazing right?

It Needs only One Club

As you can select your club in the software, you won’t have to worry about buying a lot of clubs. For starters, one club would be enough to start your training. You just have to choose the right club in the included software.


My Experience after Using It for Two Years

I am sitting here to write the OptiShot 2 review after using it for almost two years. And by this time, the experience I gathered are:

The Improvement is Unbelievable

When I bought this device, I was not able to play golf properly. I was not even familiar with the golf-based terms. But when I started practicing, the improvement was magnificent. After practicing for almost two weeks, I could even beat my friend who used to laugh at my skill of golf. The product is worth every penny.

Feels Like a Real Game

Though it’s a simulator, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real game and the simulator. The software is really sophisticated. It will calculate each of the acceleration points by its highly effective sensors. According to what club you have chosen, it will show how long the ball will travel according to the swing.

The Sensors Highly Accurate

Of course, the software is a highly advanced software. But without proper input even the software would not be able to recognize the pattern of your swing. And unlike the other simulators in the market, these sensors will learn your swing pattern according to the velocity and acceleration of the club. There are two sets of sensors on each side (8 on each side) of the ball. That’s how it will receive each data almost 100% accurately.


If we are talking about durability, you need to hear this.

I have been using the simulator for almost two years (since 2015). Not a single problem has been detected in this period. But if you are willing to buy this product I need to be totally transparent with you. The input cable (15m cable) had run into a problem after 3 months of uses. When I complained about it showing the warranty card, they replaced that in a short period of time. And since then, I have been playing golf relentlessly in my home.

Saved a Lot of Money

As I have mentioned before in this OptiShot 2 review, golf is really an expensive outdoor sport. Not all the people can afford it. But with this new simulator, you can easily save thousands of dollar that had been wasted only by practicing in the field. If you ask me if it’s worth that much, I will say that the money was more of an investment rather than wasting.

The Included Courses are Super-Efficient

There is almost 15 pre-included course comes with the package. These are all basic to professional level courses. So, not only you would be able to play a game but also learn about different swing patterns and different kinds of a game through the courses. Here is a list of pre-included course in Optishot 2:

The Golf Club Scottsdale                                          Long Island Black

Torrey White                                                              Torrey Black

Palm Desert Mountains                                            Palm Desert Canyons

Barsebäck Golf Club                                                 Black Mountain

The Canadian Club                                                   Österåkers Golf Club

West Maui Plantation                                               Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club

Fylde Links                                                                 Cogs Corner

Twisted Twig                                                               Ref: https://optishotgolf.com/pages/included-courses

Moreover, you can add 18 more courses just paying 30$. The money is nothing comparing the effectiveness of the courses.

The Whole Family is Able to Play

When you set the device up in your own house, there are literally hundreds of advantages. One of them is that you can play golf with your family. There is also a mode for “4 Players” that will be able to help you through the whole game.


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The Combo You’ll Find in Optishot 2

Now let’s see what else comes with the whole package of this amazing product-

Optishot 2 Review Combo
Infrared Golf Simulator Set

In this package, the most important thing is the simulator set. You and your family can play golf inside your house without breaking any sweat. Just plug the device into your computer and install the software. That’s all you need to enjoy a nice golf inside your house. You can also attach an HDMI cable to the computer to get the best performance.

Infrared Optical Swing Pad

This is not just a software or anything like that. It’s actually a physical device. It is made of artificial green grass. Total 16 infrared sensors are used to track down the movement of your club. Result- 99% accuracy! You can also easily keep the putter inside this pad.

Optishot Optical Swing Pad

Extra Swing Pad Replacement

If the swing pad stops responding to the software or you face any problem during the gameplay, there is also an extra replacement for free. That’s why you won’t have to worry about the swing pad anymore.

OptiShot Golf 3D Software

The 3D software is the most amazing part of this device. It feels like you are really into the game. By this I mean, you will get the feeling of a golf field inside your house. Just shot in the swing pad and the software will automatically calculate the distance that is traveled by the ball. That’s how it will show exactly where the ball will drop.

Practice Balls (foam)

The device comes with practice balls. These balls are usually made of foam. You can practice with/without the balls though. The device calculates only the speed of the swing. But in order to practice, it also includes 2 foam balls for you.

15 Feet Extension Cable

When you are trying to connect the HDMI cable to the computer. So that you can see it on a big screen you need a cable. If the HDMI cable is shorter, you can’t concentrate on the game properly. That’s why there is an extension cable of 15 feet (from the swing pad to the computer).

Quick Start Guide

A quick start guide will help you to properly join & install the device so that you can play or even practice at your home relentlessly.


How to Install Optishot 2

In this part of OptiShot 2 review, I will be writing about how to install the OptiShot 2 properly in some few easy steps so that you won’t face any problem during the setup of an OptiShot 2 golf simulator.

Step 1: Unpacking

So, the first step is unpacking. Just unload all the things that have just arrived at your door. Such as the extension cord, foam balls, swing pad, putter and all other things.

Step 2: Connecting USB Cable

Now connect one end of the USB cable with the swing pad. Connect the other end of the cable to your Laptop. This cable will emit the data from the infrared sensors to the computer.

Step 3: Placing the Swing Pad

After finishing the second step, you need to move on to the third. In this step, you will have to place the swing pad at a spacious place where it is both safe as well as comfortable. Check if you are able to swing your club properly. If not, try switching the area.

Step 4: Download the OptiShot2 Software

There is a disk included in the package in which the software is copied. But if you do not have an access to the CD-ROM (such as MAC) then you can download the software easily from here.

Step 5: Install the Software

Now for the time to install the software. There is a proper guide in a .txt format. Just follow the instruction and you are done with this step.

Step 6: Customize Settings (According to your Device)

Now you need to customize the settings according to your need and device. There are a resolution, shadow quality, anti-aliasing, quality etc. It’s just like a video game. Just choose your settings up to the point the graphics card and processor will be able to handle.

Step 7: Update the Software (If Required)

If your computer is connected to the internet, sometimes an update message will come to your screen. To get the latest features and benefits, try to update the app frequently.

Step 8: Connect an HDMI with Big Screen (If required)

If you have a large screen on your wall you can have the best golf experience ever. You can also connect a projector to get a better view. If you don’t have any of them it’s alright. The program will run on laptops easily.

Try to keep the aspect ratio similar to the projector/TV screen for the perfect view.

Step 9: Finalization

After setting all these up, just plug in your device to the socket. And you are ready to become the champion in the kingdom of golf.

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Bottom Line

At this moment. I am at the end of this OptiShot 2 review. The world is changing at the speed of light at this moment. In the last decade, the growth of technology has increased rapidly. So, it’s high time we updated ourselves with current technology.

If you ask me personally whether you should buy it or not- I will say that it has changed my golf experience entirely. I used to be a rookie at the field of golf. But now I am an intermediate player. All thanks to the OptiShot 2 golf simulator.

So, if you also want to buy one and become a professional golf player in no time, Click this link and grab yours at the doorstep!

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Lem Clevenger - January 27, 2019

Great article. You covered the OptiShot very thoroughly. The one other thing I would add is to get something like a 3/4″ sheet of MDF to stand on while you hit. It helps to get your feet level with the sensors to be a bit more realistic. I also found it took me a bit to trust the system was robust and my first swings were quite tentative. After having it for 2 years, I can say it is quite durable.


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