Pros and Cons of Folding Bikes

If you are likely to buy a folding bike and now searching online for advantage and disadvantage of folding bike or pros and cons of folding bikes then you have come to the right place. Here I will write the advantages and disadvantages of folding bikes so you can decide if it worth buying a folding bike for yourself.


Folding bikes new cool. Having many advantages it has attracted the attention of daily commuters. Below is a list of advantages of folding bicycles.


For commuting when there is a mixture of riding and public transport involved. A typical commute would be a ride to the station, get on the train, leave the train and ride to the office. It will cut down on the times you may have to wait for a bus or a tube to finish a train commute. It also avoids having to pay high car parking fees at the station.


Living space is constantly being squeezed particularly in large towns and cities and often there isn’t a convenient space to store a non-folding standard bike. A folding bike can be the perfect solution allowing you to store the bike in a cupboard in your apartment.


This is related to the previous one (storage). It takes little space so you can take it with you inside your office, restaurant, museum or cinema. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about theft.


Bike theft is rife in most urban areas. Despite the proliferation of gold standard locks, there is always the question ‘will my bike be there when I return’? The folding bike mitigates these worries as it is perfectly acceptable to take the bike, folded, inside when you get to your destination. Museums and receptions will commonly store them in the cloakroom and they are in most places accepted as much as pushchairs.


Transporting of a folding bicycle is convenient.  You just need to pack it compactly. Below is a brief instruction how you can move with it.

By Car

A folded bike can be transported inside a car, which makes it very convenient and more secure than having it strapped to a rack outside or on the roof. It also saves having to buy and fit and expensive roof rack or having to regularly adjust rack straps on the back of the car. Also, the driver’s rear view is not obscured.

By Train

Trains will accept compactly folded bikes as general luggage (they may insist on them being covered) so there is no need to book in advance.

By Air

If the bike is compact when folded then most airlines will accept them as part of your checked-in luggage allowance. Check with your airline first. I suspect the budget airlines might take a different view as they charge for most things now.


A folding bike can give you so much freedom and convenience. You may find you can cycle further afield because you no longer need to plan round trips but could plan to get the bus or train for the return journey. Holidays can be enhanced by packing your bike and exploring your destination slowly rather than a hectic dash in an unfamiliar hire car. Business trips can be made more fun if you take your bike with you and take the opportunity to cycle when you might otherwise be trying to kill time outside of the work schedule.



Despite having all these advantages folding bikes too have some disadvantages.

Difficult to Customize

Folding bikes are not popular like other types of bikes so it could be a bit difficult to find accessories for it. But no worry, nowadays it’s gaining popularity and it’s easier to find accessories. Also, you can find accessories online too. 🙂


When the road is not smooth you’ll feel the bumps and irregularities in the roads more acutely. Because the wheels of folding bikes are smaller than the general bicycles. Folding bikes are mainly designed for urban use.

Attention-grabbing and appearance

Folding bikes grab more attention than you expect. Because the bike is small and they are not very popular yet. SO people might surprise and ask you about the bike, operation, price etc. 🙂


Folding bicycles are pricer compared to general road-bikes. The premium models priced even more.


These are some pros and cons of folding bikes that I can think of now. Missed any advantage and disadvantage? Let me know by commenting below.

Kelvin G. Rhodes

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