Relax in a Hot Tub after a Day of Hunting


Hunting predated homo-sapiens, meaning species that came before us hunted. All carnivores animals are hunters. Since, for carnivores, meat is their only diet they need to hunt in order to survive. Humans being omnivores, have the choice of the types of food they can eat. They eat both vegetable and meat. Used to be, in order to get meat, men had to hunt.

Things have changed; we no longer have to hunt for meat. People grow animals in farms. They cut and process the meat and deliver that to the grocery store. We just go to the grocery stores and buy the meat. We no longer need to hunt.

Hunting is a Sports

Now a day, hunting is not a process of gather food but rather a sports and the animal that you hunt is called a game. Like any sports, there are rules and regulations in regards to hunting. Each state has its own laws and regulations. You need to get hunting license in order to hunt – there are different categories of hunting license.  To hunt protected species you need special hunting license.

When and Where Can you Hunt

You cannot just pick up your gun and go hunting, even if you got the license. When you get the license, you also get schedule and location of the hunting season. Each state has its own schedule of the hunting season. Check with your local authority for the schedule for more details.

Hunting Means and Method

You can hunt game animal or birds with any legal firearms. There are some exceptions:

  • You cannot hunt white-tailed deer, mule deer, big horn sheep and pronghorn antelope with rimfire ammunition.
  • Cannot use rifles and handguns to hunt Eastern turkey
  • It is not legal to use pellet guns and other air guns to hunt game birds and animals except squirrel.
  • It is not legal to use automatic firearms
  • You cannot use traps to hunt

You can use Archery, Crossbows, range finders, calling devices, decoys, baiting etc. There are some exceptions and they are different for different states. Please check with your local authorities for more details.

Hunting Requires Time, Patience and Experience

Hunting big games, like deer, moose  etc, require patience and the ability to sit perfectly still for a long period of time. It’s a challenge even for the most experienced hunters. Deer just does not appear within your range of firing. You have to just sit in your hunting jacket silent and motionless, carefully scanning all directions. Hours will pass by, and your body temperature will lower just for sitting motionless. One deer or two will pass you by at a distance, out of range. May be the deer caught your scent. You will still be waiting and it will be after 5 PM with no kills and by then you are past the legal hunting hour. You head back to base or your hunting lodge.

Deer does not stand still for very long. You have to be able to shoot a running deer. You have to know your surround and the environment. You have to stand in a position where the wind will blow your scent away from the deer. And most of all don’t make any sound.

Next morning you go back hunting. You see an apple tree and you know where there is apple tree, there will be deer. So hid in bush or climb a tree downwind. You wait till late afternoon; your legs go numb from sitting still. At last, with some luck, you get a deer.

Take a Hot Bubbling Bath in Hot Tub

After the hunt, your muscles are stiff from sitting down for so long. You back is sore and you are cold. You brought an inflated hot tub along with you just for this purpose.

The inflatable hot tubs or spas are very portable when deflated and very easy to setup. Some hunting lodge has above ground hot tub and spa. Hot water relaxes your body and soothes your pain. The heat rise your body temperature and dilates the blood vessels which increase the blood circulation in your body. Your body tissue become more pliable and relieves pain and stiffness. Your body releases endorphin in this process, and it is a natural pain killer.

The air bubble in the hot tub messages your body, making you relaxed and reduces stress and anxiety. This helps you to have a sound sleep and wake up fresh and sharp the next morning maybe for another hunting trip.

Some hunting lodges even have swimming pools, which is very convenient in the summer.

Kelvin G. Rhodes

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