STRiDA 5.0 Folding Bike Review


The Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle is a portable bike perfect for easy no mess commute. This bike offers an upright position for the rider so it is very easy to keep an eye on traffic without sacrificing comfort. The design of the Strida 5.0 has a low wheelbase which makes for quick acceleration and smooth braking no matter the weather.


strida 5.0 folding bike review

For riders who are not mechanically inclined or do not have access to bicycle mechanics, the Strida is almost maintenance free. There is no chain thus no chance of making a greasy mess, the frame is aluminum and should not rust. All of the brake components and cabling are encased so you can take your bicycle with you on mass transit without worry of getting grease on yourself or anyone else. Also, despite the Strida being very unusual looking things like the tires are very standard so if you run into a problem you will not have to wait and order specialized replacement parts.

strida 5.0 folding bike

When folded the Strida 5.0 may look complicated, the folding process is very easy to learn. Not long after getting one of these bicycles, almost any rider can be on their way in just a few seconds. Even better, once the bike is folded it still rolls.

Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle Review



The Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle is a perfect bike for anyone needing or wanting a better way to commute. Clean, efficient, easy to carry this bike has a lot of convenience without complications. Perhaps the only criticism is that this bike may not be optimal for a commute in a hilly area. Overall, this bike is highly recommended.

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